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Assisting Frequency


Who Are We

Is this the JOB you have been waiting for?


Please be clear that this is not a position where you are 'hired' into.

This is a choice where flexibility brings back work / life balance, and a new found unity of creating an income whilst living the life you choose.

What is offered here requires an investment into the Anahata University-like program where you are taught how to set up your own Bliss Biz, how funnels work, all the marketing, and the modalities to add to your own special magic. Please read on to understand what this opportunity is.



​When you let go of expectation, you step into flow for yourself and with others. It is important to not allow the wounded energy of the past dictate the ability to activate the light and love purity networks guiding you into soul expansion in the present.


Assisting frequencies create a connection between the present consciousness and allow transformation through the quantum evolution of your soul creating a path of divine activation of the memory through healing the fragmentation being experienced.


This means YOU heal, and in the expansion of consciousness into your own ascension pathways you have the opportunity to work with Anahata Holly Hallowell's business training, resources, community and support to bring an incredible ripple of healing to others. You are essentially hiring Anahata to TEACH you how to create a business that is stand alone for you.




This opportunity is for YOU if you are passionate, ready to be flexible, diversify through what you do already, and be the entrepreneur that embraces a path of being a co-creator of your own destiny. If you are passionate about your healing business and recognise the value of incorporating other healing modalities into that to magnetise the people, energy and opportunities for expansion.


No strings attached, only benefits. 


After an initial investment, an investment in YOU, in YOUR future, in YOUR business, you have access to set a stream of income through a fascinating and incredibly beneficial healing modality. This investment is a tuition fee that provides you the resources and training needed to move forward.


You will learn to bend water using assisting frequencies. The concepts are proven scientifically and yet it is an energetic magic that brings this ancient Lemurian wisdom through Anahata Holly Hallowell to you, and in turn others to establish pathways back to the divine DNA blueprint. A remembrance that is organic and profound in all that it brings forth.


If you are sitting on your hands waiting. If you are ready to step up, even if you don't feel you are ready. If you are ready to shine your light and allow expansion with support. Be the leader that is open to 'be', letting go of hesitancy to be at that point where you no longer wait, but do. In all the messiness, in all the unreadiness ... if you are ready to be more, then this is for you.


  • The consultancy is what you make it, as long as it references Anahata Holly Hallowell you have freedom to diversify it into your existing business or make it a stand alone practice

  • You are responsible to learn the basics through the learning resources provided, to show up, to be a part of the team in the network of professional training ongoing (online or in replay)



  • Existing healing business, page or desire to start one

  • Heart centred attitude, open to learn and flow

  • Intuitive, positive, progressive and passionate to help others

  • Ability to learn, diversify and in turn, create opportunity for others to heal

  • Basic computer skills


Personal attributes

  • A desire to be the best version of you and share that with others

  • An entrepreneurial spirit, even if you don't know the 'how' yet, it is important to want to create that something that allows step by step into the life you want to live

  • Ability to challenge yourself to overcome fear, doubt and hesitancy, to take a leap of faith in YOU, to step into this opportunity that can be commission based PLUS providing all business tools to create your own vision as you learn and flow into your higher purpose


Need to know

  • There is an initial TUITION fee

    • This is easily recouped through assertive, inspired action as you use the resources and incorporate them into your own business (new or existing - you are shown the how to through the training provided!)

  • You make money through this entrepreneurship by:

    • Earning generous commissions through promoting Anahata Holly Hallowell's programs

    • You can also make money using the assisting frequencies and water bending techniques through the provided resources to run your own programs, masterclasses and more charging money for these in the way that is right for you

    • There is a massive library of resources that is ever growing of meditations, of frequency activations and more. You do not need to personally create these from scratch, they are set up to use as you feel called in your business

    • You can start your own healing business using these resources and doing workshops or healing sessions using Anahata Assisting Frequencies 

    • You can incorporate this into your own business and diversify for extra income

The steps to take

  • Apply through the link below, you will be directed to a website to download a form

  • Fill in the form, this is not a test, simply a process of being honest about where you are and where you want to be - full information and commissions outlined here

  • Fill in the required form

  • Email the form back to Holly Hallowell

  • Organise a free discovery session with Anahata Holly Hallowell

Through the discovery session you can ask questions, learn if this is a good fit for you, and if Holly feels you are a good fit for the business also.

I look forward to you being a part of this incredible team of consultants with me!


  • am associated as an affiliate and AF Consultant to this offer.

  • This information is based on my personal experiences and understanding.

  • I do not personally teach, I am promoting on behalf of this incredible healing modality because I believe in it, and what it represents so strongly!


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