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Anahata Holly Hallowell

Introducing Anahata Holly Hallowell.

In joy and appreciation, I bring diversity and expansion through recognising healing modalities through other people. 

I believe the healing journey for each of us consists of different perspectives that ultimately create a wholeness to step back into the divine purpose. In that space you find a sense of passion and purpose. It is a beautiful thing. When we all come together in greater awareness and flow, then the shared knowledge has the power to create greater healing.


We are one.

In that unity together we find our higher path and activate through flow, our souls diversity and authentic truth.

Anahata Holly Hallowell received divine downloads of number codes, some years back, that energetically create a healing response. She has also remembered her life in Lemuria as a Mu, and brings through her different offerings a path that can help you to learn how to use these codes, Assisting Frequencies, how to bend water and then how to bring it all together in a way that is so beautiful and organic that it invokes a soul 'remembrance'.


Be it to see it, this has opened doors that I had previously not accessed, or was even aware that I could access!

This is creating opportunity to match the vibration of the life you want to live using these techniques that are EASY to learn, and incorporate into your daily routines, and through that effortlessly magnetising your vision and purpose into your life.



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  • Alchemical.Academy:

    • A compilation of Masterclasses from Anahatas personal journey as a best-selling Author, she is now joining hands with dozens of Mentors around the world to bring you a collective portal of transformation. 

    • Come explore the FREE content, courses, and opportunities you have to grow. We are more together! 

    • Create a life you love...

    • The Alchemical Academy is with you every step of the way. From discovering that you are the Soul Author of your life, to implementing the Alchemical Laws of the Universe, with the opportunity to build your own Bliss Biz sharing these "secrets" with the world. Take control of your NOW and create a practically magical life.

    • At the least... you'll feel amazing, And that, my friend, is everything.

  • Masterclass Series:

    • Includes lifetime membership with: Alchemical.Academy

    • Unlock all that the Alchemical Academy has to offer... now and in the future!

    • This series will continue to expand inside the Alchemical.Academy over time. 

    • You'll always unlock new courses for zero more tuition. Once you're in, you're in! 

    • Join LIVE or in replay. Access the materials and replays in the robust member library and phone App. 

    • All students who successfully complete the series will receive a Master Alchemist Certificate of completion.

  • 12 Month Rainbow Tribe:

    • 12 months of support  for personal transformation.

    • This is life changing in what it offers, no matter what you are experiencing this is invaluable.

    • Join the Rainbow Tribe Annual Membership and it automatically unlocks the Alchemical.Academy!

  • Play the Visionary:

    • The illuminated path to your Bliss Biz and planetary contribution.

    • 3 Reasons Your Vision Lands (and why it doesn’t!)

    • 3 Keys to Growing a Sustainable Bliss Biz doing what you love

    • The Success Equation

    • Water’s Role and Superpower

    • Alchemy and your future

    • Become a Visionary on the Water!

    • Plus! A powerful activation is included

  • Out of Your Mind - free masterclass:

    • Shift past the egoic patterns and defaults that are holding you back

    • Understand the true nature of reality and your important role in it

    • Learn how to shift Out of your Unconscious Mind and reunite with your infinite potential

    • Explore the 12 Power Petals you have awaiting activation inside the Sacred Space of your heart

    • Receive the 6 Creator Keys that unlock any door you desire

    • This 2-hour Masterclass flawlessly weaves in Alchemy, Ayurvedic practices, breathwork, Assisting Frequencies, and Waterbending into one cohesive mapping that can be applied immediately

    • An invitation to a 3-month journey will be offered once you complete the Masterclass

NOTE: All information credit is copywrite as per Anahata Holly Hallowell pages

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