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Anahata Holly Hallowell

Introducing Anahata Holly Hallowell.

In joy and appreciation, I bring diversity and expansion through recognising healing modalities through other people. 

I believe the healing journey for each of us consists of different perspectives that ultimately create a wholeness to step back into the divine purpose. In that space you find a sense of passion and purpose. It is a beautiful thing. When we all come together in greater awareness and flow, then the shared knowledge has the power to create greater healing.


We are one.

In that unity together we find our higher path and activate through flow, our souls diversity and authentic truth.

Anahata Holly Hallowell received divine downloads of number codes, some years back, that energetically create a healing response. She has also remembered her life in Lemuria as a Mu, and brings through her different offerings a path that can help you to learn how to use these codes, Assisting Frequencies, how to bend water and then how to bring it all together in a way that is so beautiful and organic that it invokes a soul 'remembrance'.


Be it to see it, this has opened doors that I had previously not accessed, or was even aware that I could access!

This is creating opportunity to match the vibration of the life you want to live using these techniques that are EASY to learn, and incorporate into your daily routines, and through that effortlessly magnetising your vision and purpose into your life.

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