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This chart is all about frequencies, energies and sources to channel.


If you have been unclear about who, what or where you are receiving information from, then this is the chart for you.

28 prompts that will help guide you to know where the information you are receiving is coming from. You can also use this chart to know who to channel through for learning, healing and guidance in what you are dealing with on a day to day basis.


This empowers you to be able to actively release what is disrupting your channelled information with Higher-self and divine teams in spirit by knowing WHAT you are releasing, and who to call on to do that.



  1. 1 page chart
  2. Reference dowsing chart of all chart books in store
  3. Invitation to connect


There is no accompanying instructions with this chart.

Please connect to my private Facebook group to ask questions and receive support using the chart. Invitation to this group is included in the download.

Channelling Energy, Spirit & Consciousness