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Positive power - how to maintain your resolution and cut out the negativity


It is a fact that energy flows where intention goes and so this book is invaluable in helping to recognise and teach techniques that open you to turning your life around and manifesting more positivism on a permanent basis. This can, simply put, be life changing and manifest abundance more prolifically than you can imagine!


An insight into the chapter content:

Chapter 1: Be Positive Resolutions Basics
Chapter 2: Understand What Brings You Down
Chapter 3: Understand Who Brings You Down
Chapter 4: Get The Mindset Of Winning
Chapter 5: Take Care Of Your Body
Chapter 6: Take Care Of Your Soul
Chapter 7: Use Your Support System
Chapter 8: Get The “Here and Now” Mentality
Chapter 9: Use Affirmations To Stay On Course
Chapter 10: The Benefits Of Your Being Positive Resolution

Positive Power eBook

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