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The Magic of Beginning

Suddenly, you just know it is time so start something new and trust the magic of beginnings

I remember a time, New Years would roll around and every year and I would create a resolution that this year would be better. Every year I seem to be locked into the same old merry-go-round that I had been on previously. It is strange how I woke that day KNOWING that I could be different. It is like I could suddenly see the light at the end of the tunnel. Was it the pre-preparation of work I had done before this, that constant pushing through at all costs? By this time I had sold most of what I had owned, cleaned up and cleaned out in readiness to travel overseas. I have often wondered if that alone was what allowed me to see more clearly the path ahead.

It's a very cleansing process to de-clutter. Physically and emotionally, it is like you suddenly are making room for new energies to enter your life, new opportunities to manifest. I had my sights set on relocating so the process of clearing out was very motivating for me to achieve my goals. I believe that when I did this I opened myself up to new beginnings. I actually found my life purpose and in turn was able to look more objectively at my past to work with the journey I had been on and to heal. To find strength in the trials I had been through and in turn use those experiences to relate to and help others on their journey.

It is so important to find like minded people to be around. Those that will give and take in equal proportions to yourself, and where your emotional efforts are nurtured and safe. Starting over meant forgiving ones self and for the majority only being around these people. I distanced myself physically and emotionally from those that were not in line with me anymore, that just seemed to work on a different frequency. Those that were constantly taking or negative, those that no matter what you say or do it is misconstrued and turned about to make you feel bad. These people need to be let go of, they have no significant purpose in your life, be with those that resonate where you do. That give back what you give.

Now, the New Year is upon us again and I am keen and eager to see this year happen. 2016 was a massive year of growth for me, my 'New Beginning' and so settling into that and continuing to manifest an amazing life where I can be of service and help those that are where I have been is where my intention is set. I want to see you all achieve, progress to where you want to be. Move away from the pain, the trials, the negative thoughts and allow yourself to flourish. If you need help, contact me - that first step, asking for help, is by far the hardest!

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