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Reiki - What's it all about anyway?

Reiki Love

So as a Reiki practitioner I consider myself a light worker. By setting the best intentions and channeling Universal energies I can help the body to unblock it's energy centers, this will allow all the internal and external forces in and around us to flow fluently. By doing this the body suddenly will get excited and take whatever opportunity it can to start healing. The body is an amazing thing! It does actually want to be well, to be healthy. Given the RIGHT conditions it will heal eagerly for you.

What this means is NOT just physical healing but emotional healing as well. It seems unreal, I thought so too when I first came across it but the results are undeniable.

For me, I experienced symptoms of fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue for over 13 years before this became part of my treatment. By allowing our energy to flow, unblocking the chakra's, releasing non-beneficial energies I suddenly saw remarkable changes. I mean REMARKABLE .... as in on a MIRACLE level. No joke!! You do not go from being that unwell to that well, that quickly with synthetic medicines.

With reiki your intuition grows, it is like you are suddenly open and aware to a world that never existed before. You start making GOOD choices for yourself, you find yourself smiling and looking forward to the day, you find life just starts making sense. It is such a gift!

So what is reiki?

It is clarity, it is love, it is life at it's grandest. You can heal trauma from the past, send loving healing energy to places where there has been disasters. It is satisfaction in knowing that whatever you do with reiki is for the highest good of everyone involved. It does not have unwanted side effects, it doesn't react with any medication you are on. On the contrary actually, you are more likely to need less medication because your energy, your chi is suddenly flowing as it should!

If you have never experienced reiki then give yourself a treat. It is a contentment and relaxation that does not come from anywhere else. It can be done in the comfort of your own home, time and distance are of no consequence to this beautiful Universal energy. If you are interested, check out my web page, it is one of my favourite services offered <3

Learn reiki healing

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