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Sometimes it's not meant to be understood, it's meant to be accepted.

Go through, what you go through

Acceptance isn't easy, in fact I would go so far as to say that it is one of the most challenging experiences we have in life's journey. I am not talking about just accepting that we cannot buy the coloured shirt we want when it is on sale. I am talking about accepting illness that impacts who we are and how we function. How is it we accept something about ourselves that we so do not want to be a part of us? We strive to always 'get better' but what if realistically there is not getting 'better', where does that leave us?

From my experience it comes down to a choice, and that choice makes all the difference to how you then process and function day to day living. Quality of life. Is it better to keep fighting the challenges (whether they be physical, mental or spiritual) or is it better to accept and work with them? I know a few years back, by this time I had been fighting and struggling with the symptoms of fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue for many years, my sensory sensitivities where through the roof constantly making everything so extremely challenging beyond what I believed I could cope with. I didn't think I had a choice, I just had to cope somehow.

Thinking back, it was the point that I began this journey. I connected with Spirit, started taking responsibility for how I was impacting the symptoms of the illness and started following my intuition regarding what the right path for me was. I MADE A CHOICE at that moment to be better. It sounds crazy really, I had always wanted to not be unwell but it was different this time. It FELT different, because I actually believed in what I was doing. With that intention set and the mindset open to a new path the Universe started showing me the opportunities I needed. Led me to the people I needed to learn from, that could teach me how to be kind to myself and still be responsible in the position I had in this world (ie; family, work, friends). Success in this moment lay in the choosing consciously and allowing myself to be guided by intuition and Spirit.

With the decision made I found myself on a whole new journey, uncharted territory as such. I needed to learn how to be kind to myself for a start! After pushing myself for so many years to make sure that the needs and wants of all those around me were met, it was a whole new ball game to turn around and consider ME in that equation. I am positive that a lot of you who are reading this can understand that concept! I basked and soaked in every word of advice from all these new people I was meeting that the Universe had blessed me with. Surprisingly my nonsensical life suddenly started making sense. The more I learnt on this new path the clearer my existence became. I stopped feeling like I was struggling and fighting with every day and instead found myself looking forward to it. INCREDIBLE!

I continued to relinquish attachment to all I ever knew and believed. I wiped the slate clean to relearn and clearly felt that inspiration and truth of where I was heading. The excitement to wake to every day knowing how magical life actually was. How had I not seen this before? I was living blind. The higher forces of the Universe were flowing through me from the moment I accepted who I was and what I was dealing with. The beautiful thing is that with this acceptance of what I needed and how to care for myself when I needed it without the mental anguish of beating myself up or loathing the fact that I couldn't do it, I wasn't enough etc Suddenly I was healing. The pain dissipated, the fatigue lessened and the sensory overload improved significantly.

Trusting that we are on this path for a reason, dealt with the trials and challenges we individually face to learn life's lessons. We take these lessons and work through them, we grow, we connect to the people that ultimately can guide us to see our true potential until we ourselves grow our own wings to be able to fly. Recognise the relationship between desire and inspiration, feel the truth. Dare to believe that you personally are the most beautiful and incredible soul and that you have a place on this Earth that is important and profound. We all possess a passion that the Universe is just waiting patiently for the right time to unleash. Waiting for you to be at that point where there is complete acceptance of all the wonderful and not so wonderful things about you that make you whole, that make you an individual that is special and here for your own Divine purpose. Accept that you do not need to be like anybody else, you are enough. I am enough. Life is beautiful <3

Release energy blocks

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