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It hurts but it is ok...

I have always been a big believer that to truly appreciate what is around you you occasionally have to struggle. That it is the trials and turmoil that bring inner strength and the connection to something more than just you as an individual in this world. It would be crazy to think that there is nothing but happiness and good times. We would all be walking around believing that we are invincible with no faith in the grander plan of why we are actually here and what our life purpose might be about.

It is when we have the strength and courage to allow ourselves to experience reality in the dips in our life that our soul starts to shine. It is in those moments after we have hit rock bottom that we start to grow into something more. We grow from a standstill of thinking we are invincible to a place of realization that we are so minute in the Universal plan, that there is so much more to actually aspire to work towards. From here we find direction and faith to take forward steps to work with the greater good.

I find it interesting that it is in the dips when we are surrounded by negative and destructive emotions that we conspire with the Universe to still connect to something that gives us strength to achieve the most daunting of tasks. We would not think we are capable of these things yet we look back after the difficulties are no longer with us at this time in our life and wonder how the heck we managed that! We are remarkable beings!

This strength, it comes from channeling the power of the Universe. You may not even believe it but it is in these moments of your life that you are being tested, your ideas are being refined and you find your soul starting to take shape as you are led to places that you did not know where there within you. This is evolution in its rawest form, this is where our true potential is discovered and harnessed as we walk these roads that cause us the deepest pain.

Perhaps one of the more difficult aspects of being on this path is letting go of our ideals. We grow up seeing ourselves and our lives fitting a certain image and then when it does not work out like that we become judgmental and/or disappointed. We focus on things that are superficial getting lost in desires and details and are insignificant in the scheme of things. These details hide or disguise the real reason you have found yourself in a dip. I understand that sometimes to only focus on the daily details is the way to get through but in between that focus we need to find a way to push through and listen to our inner voice, our intuition. It is this intuition that leads us to where we need to be. The intuition is the voice that is conferring with the Divine and that is why when we take a quiet moment to 'connect' and ground ourselves we FEEL complete, contented and ok amongst all the turmoil and chaos that at times reigns around us.

Finding the truth in ourselves is a significant discovery and when we do, that growth that we talked about earlier starts to happen. We find the strength and courage to continue facing another day, another challenge and we find somewhere within us the positive aspiration to just keep going. It is when we open ourselves to truth for where we really are and what is actually going on and not just the superficial stuff that we then will start stepping into our own truth and personal power.

This is a beautiful point to find yourself in. It is like you have surrendered and accepted and these are the keys to freedom. It can take time to find this place to allow the mind to relinquish control and let go to something else but letting go sometimes is the only way to come back together. Acceptance will open new doors because you are consciously releasing what is no longer necessary. You open yourself to new possibilities and like magic, there they are. Miracles will start to happen, you will find yourself moving from that place you have been to higher ground. The change in mindset makes it easier to accept the challenges that are there and all the while you feel happiness returning, lightening your heart. Perhaps take a moment here to reflect, to laugh at yourself. Focus on bringing joy back into your life, see the good, laugh some more. Stop that negative thought before it becomes a comment and do what your soul loves ... dance, sing, draw, walk, create, love! Embrace life in it's simplest forms and just see how appreciation evolves to so much more.

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