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Discover the Rainbow Child Within

Rainbow child

Rainbow children, lets discuss them, they are also part of the Universal Children's group (Cosmic Kids as I like too call them).

There is a life presented to them of trials and hardship. Quite often heartache and an over-riding feeling of not belonging in the life you are living. It is like a feeling that you are existing but just going through the motions without realising the bigger picture. There is a restlessness inside that cannot be satisfied and a knowing somewhere deep deep down that at some point everything will change to be better.

Despite all this a rainbow child will radiate positivity and smile at every opportunity. Their basic personality lending them to a place that just wants to help people and make things better. They will sacrifice their own personal self in order to try and keep the peace generally to the detriment of themselves. Somewhere though before they let themselves fall to far they find the inner strength to leave the situation they are in and begin again to rebuild their life, their confidence and their belief that this cannot be the way that life is meant to be.

Rainbow Children start to awaken to their gifts in their early 40's and when this happens they experience a significant shift in everything they are and believe. They realise that the ideals they have been living are often not their own but rather those of society and expectations born into them. Without the knowledge early on of another way this 'lie' is lived. Awakening to their gifts brings transformation that is, in all senses of the word, miraculous. The more they step into and open themselves to the Universal energies and divine forces of the world the more they find truth, direction and a sense of belonging that is comparable by nothing else. At this time they are truly blessed by all the Angelic realm as everyone aspires to propel them into their true purpose and have them experience the life they are here for.

The years of struggle have given these people so much knowledge and experience on multiple levels. Their compassion and openness toward others is commendable and you will find they naturally radiate toward fields of caring and helping people. They will radiate positivity and the more they open to their gift the more this becomes apparent. They are generous and radiate love and as such attract abundance and good fortune into their space. Awakening for the Rainbow child is filled with appreciation and gratitude as it brings a life so completely opposite to that which they have lived until this point.

If you believe you are a Rainbow Child please contact me to help you open to your gift completely. There is no sugar coating here on just exactly how remarkable this journey is, I have lived it and know from personal experience!

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