Shamanism simplified..

Have you ever wondered what Shamanism really is? I am not sure what stories or articles you have read in the past but today I am going to share with you my take on it.

It's a breath, a feeling ... it is knowing the energies that flow and exist beyond what we can physically see with our eyes.

To experience and understand this fully you must start with letting go, in cultural times this was done using a sweat lodge to purify mind, body and soul of all unnecessary clutter. In today's society you can look at this and without the rituals take time to clear your outer environment, clear your mind and journey within to discover and touch that spark that lies, for most, dormant. Excess clutter is detrimental to finding the clarity you need to connect. Detoxify every part of your existence, note how this gives you clearer access to the creator himself to hear and understand the messages that are there yet remain as yet unheard.

As you detoxify every level of your existence you also start to make amends to relationships, forgiving ones self, forgiving others, releasing all toxicity in your inner self, your attitudes, your environment and the people around you. Opening yourself up to your ancestors to help you hear and understand what it is you already know but have been blinded by ignorance till now to see. Call on them, be in nature, with the stars where you are closer to touching and moving between the veil of the real world and that one of wonder and awe where you feel what life truly is.



In this place you find courage, life and the core essence of perspective to the flow and reality that is profoundly real but seen by so few. You will experience the flow of energy through the trees, the feeling of awe and power of knowledge that is within an ancient forest. As you walk through life with this new perspective you will begin to understand and sense the changing landscapes, feel empowered knowing that with the help of not only your ancestors but your spirit animal guides walking beside you that there are no barriers. The only thing holding you back at this point is you. Life is there waiting, the energies of Grandmother Earth, of Mother Nature ... the dragon energies that link us to the north south east and west and then the other energies of earth air fire and water. It is profound what is around us when you just let go and open yourself to what is rightfully yours to embrace.

If this is the path you are wanting to open yourself to then I encourage you to step forth, expand your horizons and get out into nature, into the wild. Find that place where you release all chains that bind you to just reach out to these auspicious guides and animal energies around us and learn to live, like waking for the first time in your life to the reality of what is real. Connecting the breath, the energies, the feelings and understanding how with this all intertwined you can work with and manipulate time, space and energies; heal yourself and others using the knowledge and gifts from the universe that exist all around us.


© 2016 Susan Green - Holistic Healer

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