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Foretelling the future uncovered..

Telling the future

Have you ever wondered about all those different forms or future telling techniques? Have a read through and understand more concisely just how accurate they are and what they really mean. PREMONITION Seeing an event or some sort of circumstance play out before you before it happens. This event is not set in stone, it is shown to you so you can take steps to either play it out as stated or change it. Generally when shown a premonition it is a set of circumstances that is non-beneficial to you or others around you so the option to adjust the outcome is a favorable one. A premonition holds about 70% accuracy. PROPHECY Generally some sort of event that is forecast for the future that is coming into play for the good of humanity. These come through as visions and messages strongly to those that can receive them. These events cannot and should not be changed in any way. Messages of this sort are 100% accurate. FUTUROLOGY This is based on predictions made through spirit and angel messages, these come to us through tools like the pendulum and an alphabet chart or by using a Ouija board to connect to the other side. Messages received this way are 75 – 80% accurate. PRECOGNITION Precognition is about knowing an outcome of a situation before it happens. There is no other tools or methodology here, it is simply a ‘knowing’. This understanding of situations and what is going to come forth is about 85% accurate.


CRYSTAL BALL GAZING A beautiful gift that allows you to see premonitions bought forth from the Angels. ALL messages received through the crystal ball are Angelic sent and shown to guide you and work with you in your highest good. A pure and divine form of working with the Angels. RUNE STONES When using rune stones to predict the future outcome of something you will get about 80% accuracy on the reading you receive. To work with rune stones in this way you must focus your thoughts on the event you would like to foretell and then use the rune stones in a spread of 5 to predict the circumstances leading up to, then during and finally, the outcome of the event. Your rune stone spread in more detail: 1. Your present situation 2. What you need to do to prepare 3. Energies leading up to 4. Most likely event play out 5. The outcome

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