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Repair Your Universe

Dream Believe Do Repeat

You can ... End of story.

That is all you need to remember.


I want to talk today about finding the way out of that bad place, physical, mental and/or emotional health that can completely take over your life and be so debilitating. I know first hand, I have been there and lived it for over 13 years before finding my way here ... here is where I am perfectly healthy, understand and have learnt the lessons to now help everyone else out of that dark place. What greater gift in life than to regain your health, you may never truly understand the freedom of living until it has been taken from you and then regained.

I think for a lot of people in this situation of illness on any level is the mindset, ultimately this is what prevents you from becoming well. You learn to accept that living sub standard is how it is meant to be, that you have 'good' days among a lot of mediocre and bad days. But why think like that? What is it that stops the belief in there being a way to heal, that if you find the way to flow with the natural energies of life that you will be able to find that perfect health in mind, body and soul. It is like there is this massive mountain that stands in the way of you and good health, this mountain is made up of thoughts, preconceived ideas, societies opinions, judgments from friends and family and perhaps a large portion of DOUBT bought about by the belief that it is likely too good to be true. How is it you go about breaking down that mountain to obtain your ultimate goal of good health? Hmmmm, think of a river flowing across the mountain, down and through ever finding its way past all obstacles to reach its desired destination. You need to be this river. Imagine for a moment if there were no obstacles, if you just naturally took that step to believe that the universe would not be dealing you these cards if there were not some greater good involved and that you must now heal from these trials so you can fulfill this greater good and help others do the same!

Watch how as you start to move with the flow and work with the individuals that offer solutions that seem unfeasible, just because you can not imagine it working, but you take the plunge and decide just for the benefit of the doubt to give it a shot, how your whole perception of who you are and how the world works will suddenly change. The realisation that the stories of having to be on this medication or that medication to be able to function is not the truth. You realise that perfect health is going to come from the help of those that you accidentally cross paths with that offer solutions that are perhaps so left of centre to what you have ever thought or believed that perhaps it is worth just giving it a shot to see. The choice is to stay as you are with those 'occasional' good moments ( I remember in the past if I had an hour, or maybe two, with no pain I was having a REALLY good day!) or choose to empower yourself and make bold decisions to believe that your purpose and being here in this life is bigger than you can see at this time, but that taking forward steps down this new road will lead you into an unknown that is full of hope and life in its truest sense.

As you continue to place your faith in another and walk this new and strange path you will see changes, you will start to genuinely smile more, love more, appreciate what is around you, feel the urge to start to create. You will be coming back to life, like being reborn with an attitude of appreciation and love that is very bountiful for all you do and experience. This time is incredible as the shackles are released and you become you in the most beautiful sense of the word.

It is an interesting thing as you go through this and like many may have discovered after being unwell for a long period of time, once you feel good you start to push the boundaries. It is almost like you feel invincible and that nothing can stop you. It is true! But you are not and you can then 'crash' and relapse. I too learnt this the hard way a couple of times over before finding a happy balance of mind, body and soul activity. There are always lessons to learn on this journey and it is important to keep trying and not allow ego, doubt and judgments of others hold us back. I encourage you all to take a step into the realm of belief for just a moment. Dare to want to walk this path, to release physical illness, mental illness and emotional illness on ANY level. As unreal as it seems it is feasible to live again without the restraints of what you currently experience. Let me show you the way, let me be this person that takes you by the hand and leads you to a life that is prospectively full of hope, contentment, peace and clarity like perhaps you have never experienced before. Be brave, dare to believe in the seemingly impossible reality that is what I live.

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