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Be a Survivor!

have less, do more, be more

We are going to take a moment today to introduce and help you learn more about an Archangel that is little known to people.

Archangel Jaziel.

This Archangel has ascended from the soul of Jesus, he is one and the same yet works in a wider context to serve as the Archangels do. He works and resonates in a similar fashion to Jesus himself in the fact that he very much symbolises love, healing and help with negative energies.

In essence Jesus was a caregiver, a savior, a creator, a liberator, a peacemaker, a mystic, a rescuer, he was a survivor, he was giving and he was also a visionary, a warrior and a healer. Archangel Jaziel works with you in every context here to help you progress and move forward, he is one and the same as Jesus and it matters not who you call upon between the two for both will assist you similarly.

I encourage you if you are struggling with:

  • Trauma

  • Anxiety

  • Fear

  • Grief

  • Illness

  • Negativity

  • Turmoil

  • Unworthiness

to call on Jaziel, to work with him. This simple act of asking him to be with you and work with you at this time can bring you so much reward. It can bring forth positive self expression, a freedom of self, forgiveness (so important for so many of us to not just forgive others but to forgive yourself too!), Jaziel will bring forth an open honesty and humility with love and pure heartedness that opens you to an inner strength not previously recognised. The simplicity of accepting to work with Archangel Jaziel is bringing forth an internal balance and bravery that will explode with a certain clarity that will have you feeling very secure. Work with him to balance your energies and raise your level of consciousness bringing you inline with your highest good, with the path you are meant to walk that will lead you to where within this life you 'fit'. Ultimately this is where you want to be; so many think that it is difficult to get there and to stay there when found but in all honesty, with the right Divine help by your side this comes with little effort and great reward.

heal chronic illness


I am looking for people who are willing to participate in a case study using alternative healing methods.

Release the restraints of inflexibility from the safety of your own home as we work through a set agreed schedule to assist you into a way of life where you can experience a fearlessness, flexibility and optimism that has long evaded you.

All those wishing to participate in this case study will receive a full 30% off the total cost of services.

Conditions apply, please contact me directly for more information.

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