Spirit Animal - Cow

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

Spirit Animal Cow
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I am very excited to have finished drawing the next card for my messenger animal deck and to help open to understanding his purpose and power in the spirit community I have been guided to share the following!

I believe many don't realise the significance of the cow, they are big and generally quite unassuming and yet within the spirit community they definitely hold their place and presence, a deeper purpose that I am sure many are unaware of. Today, lets walk with the cow and understand how this beautiful big and unusual animal can work with us.

The cow holds the energy of the south, it aligns us to opening to abundance and prosperity, reminds us to slow down a little and connect with the slower side of ourselves, aligning to oneness and in turn evolution of thoughts, ideas and positive emotion.

When connecting to the energy of the cow you find grounding, a solid presence and certainty that aligns to finding your place in the community, a connection that goes beyond verbal communication but rather connects on a soul level, at a depth that many look for but rarely find

This energy, when you align to it, centres you and as such will open pathways to activate higher self knowing, connection with Spirit and personal truth. It sets you on a path of new beginnings where your higher potential lies.

So a quick overview of what to expect in connecting to the spirit animal of the cow:

  • Grounding of energy

  • Base connection to evolution of ideas and thoughts, inspiration

  • Projection aligning to networking with soul family

  • Oneness through quiet connection with self

  • Sense of being and acceptance with your presence in the world

  • Sense of surety and personal power

  • Alignment to abundance and prosperity

  • Emotions of positivism and ability to project this to others

  • Higher-self knowing and connection to Spirit

I am sure there are times we can all work with these incredible qualities so next time you are feeling lost and unsure of yourself, invite the spirit of the cow in, allow this beautiful animal to help guide you to your truth and inspiration, you might just be surprised by what awakens within!

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