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Spirit Animal - Bat

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

Spirit Animal - Bat
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Lets talk about the bat, such a fascinating little mammal and powerful ally in the spirit community!

This little fella is a master of working with intuitive senses, there is an unwavering trust and belief that guides unfaltering through life to where he needs to be and out of danger. He aligns through these sensory systems and excels where in reality he is very much night blind to what is in front or around him. With this inability to see physically and to be able to help himself it leaves only an option to align to all the other senses and abilities he has.

When the bat comes to you in spirit, when you feel this presence and energy with you it is an indication that you need to stop working so much with your logical brain, that what you are physically seeing and experiencing may not, in fact, be all that you believe or need to know and understand, you are perceiving what is happening with a limited perception. There is a need to take some time in quiet reflection to connect to that something deeper within. Now is the time to release deep self-doubt and fear, to let go of your own lost perception and just believe that what you intuitively feel and know is right at this time.

We can learn a lot from the bat, from the way they work together and can, through sensory processing, know where and how to react at any given time, to be able to cooperatively connect not just with self but with others and in doing so create a safer environment that opens to succeed and steer clear of danger and loss.

As much as all this is so important there is another side to the bat also, he aligns you to networking and creating your reality through connecting to people, places and inspiration. Don't ignore the path you are on, it is one with much deeper meaning than you may realise and in knowing this you should pay a lot of attention to all that cross your path, the messages received and the ideas and thoughts that come forth. Actively work with and embrace everything, put it all together to know the bigger picture and what this can truly mean for you.

To recap in short what it may indicate when the spirit of the bat is with you:

  • Let go of your logical brain for a while

  • Take time to connect and 'hear' what you intuitively know and feel

  • Create opportunity to see past the obvious

  • Recognise pathways through signs to open to opportunity

  • Expand perception to understand what really is going on when disharmony or loss come forth

  • Release fear and doubt associated with intuitive and divine senses

  • Take check on your communication skills and refine as needed

So, if you feel this little mammal blessing you with his presence then don't ignore it, take some time to meditate, connect fully to understand where and how you can be helped and open doorways that perhaps you have always been hesitant to embrace

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