Spirit Animal - Giraffe

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

Spirit animal Giraffe
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The spirit of the Giraffe, a gentle yet wild and care free composure that aligns to connect you to higher realities. This gentle giant is authentic in all he (she) is and in this creates love, connection and a truth you may not find elsewhere.

When you open to the energy of the Giraffe you will resonate in abundance and joy, the awkwardness and discomfort of the lower vibrations and toxicity that come forth from stagnancy and discontent will release from you. You will find yourself resonating with a higher view, a perspective that perhaps others do not have, a communication with an energy source that many don't understand.

There is a silent yet powerful view that will have you on full alert, this connection brings many thoughts and ideas and opens the pathways for you to act on them basically connecting you straight into the universal consciousness that is all around. When you are consciously and regularly putting this energy out there you will manifest magnificent change for you and those in your thoughts.

Growth and potential when working with the elements, the universal energy and consciousness through the Giraffe resets and finds new levels of inner peace and contentment, this coming simply from that higher connection and resonance of truth that is undeniable. You will see and understand from this how unique you are, how all your source truth and divine gifts are individual to you and as much as you can work with others to 'brainstorm' essentially learning will come from the freedom of spirit and personal truth that the Giraffe can very much help align you to.

Recapping in short the spirit of the Giraffe and how beneficial this is for you:

  • Teaches you to 'let go' of pre-conceived thoughts and ideas

  • Creates greater awareness through higher perspective

  • Aligns you to understand your own uniqueness and how special that is

  • Opens you to many thoughts and ideas to manifest new realities

  • Helps disconnect from low vibrations and discontent

So, are you ready to embrace and work with the Spirit of the Giraffe? What a gift he is and I have no doubt you will resonate deeply and create much personal progress through this connection!

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