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My Personal Journey - Chapter 2

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This continues on from last week, if you didn't read that 'my beginnings' post you can connect to it here. It is so interesting reading back and how this 2nd month in on my healing journey I was resonating in such a great place. I took a peak at the following month from this and it fluctuated yet again to a low ... that shift, the change that comes forth and understanding that with energy healing what you receive on the day STARTS to impact but then continues to do so for weeks and even months after as it manifests and forges changes in mind, body and soul. So incredible and even now it never ceases to amaze me!

1 September

This week has me seeing some very positive feel good days! Excellent clarity of mind, I felt good inside and out. It is incredible how much you don’t remember on how it SHOULD be when so many years have been spent just making yourself try to think and try to function on some level, any level.

The new diet is super tricky, having to completely rewire my brain to think how food should be served and eaten. I am doing ok though and it honestly feels good to be not eating junk, just whole foods and low fat meats. Feeling hungry a lot...

I have also attended oneness and meditation group, what a wonderful thing to feed the soul and I feel good. That feeling keeps happening, I like it!!

Looking forward to my next session with Pamela to see where that takes us and what spiritual help we will receive.

8 September

Not sure if it is the diet or the spiritual healing or if it is treating everything from every direction but I cannot deny that I am feeling like I am on an upward road and that I truly believe that anything at this point is possible!

Today's healing with Pamela … the spirits are impressed with my progress (as am I!). My body/spirit/emotions have gone through an upgrade (and we all like upgrades). I need to follow up with someone who is intuitive for massage and reflexology to move the dense/bad energy through the cells and to clear it. I will organise this ASAP, my journey must continue forward, any advice I get I will take and run with to increase every opportunity for wellness.

And a message - an Indian spirit, he is huge; he is the mountains and the trees and everything around us. He needs me to go to a river/dam/lake with paper for drawing and writing (very important). Spend hours of the day there, here in this state he can communicate with me.

22 September – leading up to, the time in-between

So I sit by the Onka (a local river at that time of my life) amongst the reeds. Am I waiting? If so, for what? I think I need to be at peace before my Indian guide can talk to me but my head won't be quiet. I brought my drawing book but am not really feeling it. I admit it's been nice out here, just listening to the wind, the birds. I took some photos too. It's amazing what you see when you just stop for a couple of hours, so secluded, I mean I can still hear traffic noise but it's easy to switch off and focus on beautiful Mother Nature. It's nice to take a break from life for a few hours.

That night I dream, briefly translated that I will persevere through some adversity, start looking at life from a new perspective, replace ideas and habits with new ways of looking at and doing things.

Saw Ann regarding Intuitive massage and reflexology - 3 days later I find myself completely knocked flat. The burning, the fatigue. I know that was the point, to move the dense energy, but so hard to move.

Still feeling very positive about this journey I am on, it feels like I have suddenly connected with myself, giving myself time to be me and heal. This is very good.

More meaningful dreams, such vivid dreams and always on par with what is going on.

Appointment day with Pamela, looking forward to this. Wondering what it will bring.

The following few days finds me good, I have clarity, I feel capable, I have this thought that anything is achievable and the possibilities are all before me.

Still dreaming loads, messages coming through loud and clear on the lines of confronting fears, emotions, and messages to lighten up and let go of the problems.


Just an observation with this months entries on how important it is to keep a dream diary, to look at and work through what you are being shown. There are a lot of dream dictionaries out there to help understand the symbolism in what seems like nonsense or, alternatively, I can do this for you through a service booking here.

We ALL have stuff to work through, it takes courage and perseverance, please, one step at a time, one day at a time. Do what you need to make it happen, healing you will create abundance in life in so many ways that you cannot imagine, back here, when I was working through all of what is written I had NO IDEA that I would be where I am, who I am today. It feels like a completely different reality I am living now!

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