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Spirit Animal - Aardvark

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

Spirit animal, aardvark
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The Aardvark, he is a fascinating animal that is a combination of what would seem a mixed bundle of other animals that brings forth an incredible energy. Let us consider for a moment that the aardvark is the first animal listed in the dictionary, he holds the energy of the east which is about new beginnings and resetting your reality and if you are looking for spiritual ascension he is a brilliant influence to have around!

Let's step back for a moment ... to find that you have an aardvark around you in spirit is a blessed thing and could potentially also come with seeing the 11:11 code in some form, he is here to help you answer that call and helps you with a journey that is often not seen by the larger population but rather known only to those who truly commit to connect to spirit, to the light and ascension aligned to your souls purpose and truth.

On this path the Aardvark is likely to help you connect to your psychic smell and hearing, both these senses are very in line with him and as such they may be heightened when he is around so be aware of this if you are smelling things that are 'not there' or hearing voices ... you are not going mad, nope, you are connecting to your higher senses. Work with it and embrace it on your journey, it is a gift!

I feel so excited to introduce you to this little guy, he is quite an influence in spirit, he is slow and steady, methodical and focused which on any journey of awakening is so important. You will be shown the path and the way when and as you are ready. You will be shown the way to create an influence that will ripple out to help those that are in some way or form connected to your souls journey, He will help you persevere when things get tough and you want to throw it all in, he is a gift, a truth that aligns you to your authenticity and reason for being here in the bigger picture of yours souls path.

In short, recapping the spirit of the Aardvark:

  • Aligns and helps you to 'answer the call' when awakening to a spiritual path

  • Can potentially heighten your psychic smell and hearing

  • Opens you to a journey that is your souls purpose and truth

  • Expands your consciousness and understanding of life

If you don't feel him around you don't fret, you can call him in to help you, request his (or her) guidance when you feel you are ready to step forth and align to your truth!

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