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Spirit Animal - Fox

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

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The spirit of the Fox is one that aligns to the element of fire, it is one that connects to a sense of playfulness, to letting go of that sluggishness and stagnancy that creates boredom. The Fox is wonderful for just opening you to feel that spark within that makes you want to laugh, play and create action and forward movement.

Connecting to the spirit of the Fox you will find that your awareness to see the details, be quick thinking and smart in the decisions you make will come forth. This energy can go a couple of different ways because for some it creates a real trickster and foolishness flowing through but if channelled efficiently it can help you to be alert, on par and very astute in the decisions you are making, to see all that is around and avoid pit falls associated to those that are likely to deceive and take advantage of your good nature.

The Fox is energy, aspiration and assertiveness, it is smart and industrious but also companionship and flows to create fantastic energy if you are starting new projects, trying to make things happen and put all the pieces together for absolute clarity and forward movement.

In short, recapping the energy of the Fox:

  • Connects you to your playful side, the ability to let go and laugh

  • Helps manifest assertive action for making things happen

  • Creates excellent clarity, focus and determination to get things done

  • Opens you to see deception and avoid pit falls before they happen

The Fox is a companion and a teacher, he brings to you a desire to want to move forward and create the change that is your vision. Be more and embrace the energy of the fox today!

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