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Spirit Animal - Leafy Sea Dragon

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

The spirit of the Leafy Sea Dragon connects to you through the element of water, he helps you with an awareness of how you can overcome challenges even when in a vulnerable state through working with the ebb and flow of life and your natural cycles to progress.

In life there are ups and downs, there is a cyclic movement of energy that can lift you right up or bring you right down, it can overcome you and overwhelm when not aware of the movement that is happening around you.

The spirit of the leafy sea dragon helps you to understand the energy and flow, connect you to understand your emotional self and how that connects into the greater consciousness of life. Through this connection you can then embrace the path of expansion through a better intuitive alignment for when to take action, and when to just bide your time and process what is going on at that time.

This ability is invaluable to be able to achieve for in the waves of the cycle that are oppositional you will rarely make forward progress and therefore it is easy to fall into destructive patterns and thoughts. Working with your strengths in the times when the emotional body is aligned to achieve will help you with confidence, in turn you see you are achieving, feeling independently capable to push forward and create the balance for the lulls.

This energy with the Leafy Sea Dragon to help in this manner is so valuable and unique, it is nurturing, it is fragile in the evolution of what comes forth and yet within that intricate connection to life is a deep understanding of how to find the path of least resistance to create the progress and outcome needed.

In short, recapping the Leafy Sea Dragon

  • Helps you understand the cyclic energy of your emotions

  • Connects you to achieve through working with your strengths

  • Aligns you to confidence, independence and prosperity

  • Helps you to find balance and deeper understanding of self

When the Leafy Sea Dragon comes to you, or you feel this is what you need at this time then do not hesitate to invite it in fully to compliment your emotional understanding of yourself as you work to transform your personal reality into a powerful, yet gentle, positive transition.

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