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Individual and unique, no two pendulums are the same. Made from the local woodlands wood, hand carved and personalised with your choice of up to two reiki symbols burnt into the pendulum which I will attune you to when you receive your pendulum.


This particular pendulum is as pictured, it is roughly 17cm long with a diameter of just shy of 3cm at its widest point.


All wood is cut, shaped, sanded and finished with bees wax for a beautiful smooth finish. Hung from a copper screw eye with waxed twine and small handle at top for usable comfort. 


This is wonderful to help access the high vibrations of the light frequency to manifest healing and create positive change with mind, body and soul



Learn to connect to your higher self and access information you don't realise you even know! This is so useful for anyone that is:

- Connecting to spirit to help them communicate.
- Having intolerance & allergy issues & needs to know the source of them & how to heal them
- Help with day to day thoughts & questions & making decisions that are for YOUR highest good
- Learning to release, heal, balance and promote self care

- Healing and awakening to your psychic gifts

- Working with the chart books as sold on site to clear negativity and open to your soul purpose 

Work with me one on one learning how to protect yourself from harm and maximise your learning curve to use this tool for what you specifically need.

Large Wooden Pendulum with Learn Basic Dowsing Course

  • LARGE Pendulum

    • Length 17cm
    • Width 2.7 - 3cm
  • Please allow up to 4 days to organise burning of pendulum and dispatch of product.

    When order is placed please email airmeith directly with CLEAR pictures of up to two symbols you would like burnt into the pendulum. State clearly your order number in the email reference.

    If you are unsure of what symbols to use then email me and I can psychically sense what would be most beneficial for you.

    Book course when ready go to the 'book online' tab of my website and book the course through the 'pre-paid services' section stating clearly what the booking is for in the Notes section.