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Rainbow Tribe


Who Are We

Profound Personal Transformation


If you are ready to fully embrace the journey of 'self-help' with the guidance of others then this incredible 12 month membership will teach you the step by step, logical and yet magical road to moving through all limitations and become the best version of 'you' through your own ascension networks.


This 12 month journey is guided by Anahata Holly Hallowell.


Simply become ... like a butterfly that has transformed from a caterpillar. Think of yourself currently as the caterpillar and the time in the Rainbow Tribe the gestation period that is the cocoon.


This membership is expansion of consciousness that is teaching you the HOW to heal your mind, body, and soul and return to remembrance. Remembrance is the divine consciousness awakening. It is the realisation of the limitlessness of who you are and in that the ability to connect to and create ANY reality you want to live.


You become empowered to exist in a space of inspired action as you are supported, taught and flow with your soul being able to consolidate difficult karma, then move into greater heart spaced living. Heart spaced living is joy, appreciation and gratitude. This creates an upward spiral of magnetism and opportunity to achieve where previously it has felt impossible to even think of it.


You become the alchemist of your life as you work with water bending techniques, assisting frequencies, code quests and time line jumping. The magic is all inside the Rainbow Tribe!


Weekly you have access to attend live, or in replay:

  • Motivation Monday - quantum motivation = success!

  • MEGA-MORPHOSIS Wednesday - journey into the sub-conscious to the Anahata tree to transform from outdated belief structures into your divine blueprint

  • Universe (city) Friday - Learning to flow through Masterclass teachings listed below

  • Weekly water-well on Sunday - receiving upgrades from the Great Central Sun

Also included in membership:

  • Waterbending Masterclass 1.0 + 2.0 

  • The 22 Code Quests 

  • Anahata Codes Masterclass Series

  • Grid4Gaia Masterclass Series

I am a huge believer that each of us receives what we need in the right divine timing for the soul to be able to work with what is received. If you have found yourself here, and this resonates in a way of sparking interest in the next step, then follow the link below to be taken to Anahata Holly Hallowell's page for more information and pricing. This is a grand step in rediscovering the limitless and magic that lay within you.


  • am associated as an affiliate and student to this offer.

  • This information is based on my personal experiences and understanding.

  • I do not personally teach through this offer.

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