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About Reiki

Reiki is a universal life energy, a gorgeous subtle energy that is in no context negative or evil. It is spiritual but not religious. It is all things good and beneficial in this world and in the higher dimensional plane to where we are. Reiki is a gift.



  • Reiki creates positive energy, it clears and purifies negative and stagnant energies

  • Reiki aids in healing, it will assist with acute injuries and with chronic longterm conditions

  • Reiki activates the Law Of Attraction, this coupled with positive affirmations is empowering and extremely beneficial

  • Reiki will help improve memory retention

  • Reiki will help you to disperse bad habits and bring about positive changes

  • Reiki is synchronicity, harmony, adaptability and an understanding of non-attachment

  • Reiki can heal the past of old emotional wounds 

  • Reiki will help to heal your soul, as the soul heals so does your physical self. It will heal the illness and disease from the original source

  • Reiki helps with enlightment, with balancing the left and right sides of the brain and will increase your intuition

  • Reiki will improve your immunity by increasing the energy flow through your body

  • Reiki improves your sleep patterns, reduces stress and boosts your confidence

  • Reiki will bring your mind, body and spirit into harmony to allow you to fully experience life to the fullest

  • Reiki improves your energy levels

Advantages of distance healing

  • Distance is no barrier, with reiki there is no past, present or future

  • Fantastic option for those that are bed ridden or house bound due to disability or illness

  • Receive positive energy anywhere and everywhere

  • No extra time is spent commuting

  • It is fantastic if you find 'hands on' reiki uncomfortable

  • Affordable and private

  • Works more on the subtle body of an individual, like the aura and chakras, not so much the physical body

  • You do not have to be ill to receive it!

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