Individual and unique, no two pendulums are the same. Made from the local woodlands wood, hand carved and personalised with your choice of up to two reiki, rune or other symbols of your choice burnt into the pendulum which I will attune you to for FREE when you receive your pendulum.

The small pendulums are perfect for dowsing, communicating with spirit, working with charts, balancing chakra's, healing aura and energy fields, creating overall positive alignment in mind, body and soul.


The large pendulums are perfect for working with dowsing, healing and clearing of negative energy/spirits due to the fact that they connect into much higher energy frequencies than crystal or copper pendulums hence bringing forth a more efficient and gentle connection to the change you are wanting to make happen. They are also ideal for connecting to and releasing karmic debt and issues from your souls history.


All wood is cut, shaped, sanded and finished with bees wax for a beautiful finish. Hung from a silver screw eye with cord and small handle at top for usable comfort.