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A fantastic way to understand what is hidden, a path to heal emotional, physical, relationship and psychic wounds (just to name a few things), to move out of destructive and chaotic karmic cycles that hold you back. The charts all work together through a main index, OR, use them separately in the area of your choice. Lifetime support and learning offered through a dedicated Facebook group.


NOTE: No refunds for digital products

Comments (2)

I am loving these charts. I have recently picked up dowsing and even though I am still figuring out my own way and style, working with these charts has come very naturally and easily. They contain so much information about health issues, spirituality and are very empowering to resolve blockages in the various areas of life. Very excited to learn more through Susan's dowsing Facebook group :)

Susan Green
Susan Green
21 de mar. de 2023
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Thank you for this beautiful review Tammy. It is a learning curve and I am so happy to be a part of that with you!

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