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Body, Mind and Spirit

You hear this term everywhere; body, mind and spirit but have you stopped to think about what this truly means? In relation to you and to where you are in life? At this point of my life I did just that and what I discovered was quite revolutionary on my road to recovery. I obviously needed to address my health issues within the physical body. To help with this I was fortunate to be put in touch with a lady with the most gorgeous soul who set me on the right track with food and supplements. I thought I was pretty healthy with my eating before this but was grossly unaware of what foods cause inflammation within the gut and over an extended period of time what this can do to your system. Changing the diet was a huge learning curve, I am still learning! I was also made aware of the fact that our physical selves are not only affected by food but also environment. I needed to reduce the toxic overload around me as well. Use more natural products and allow the body to start to heal and thrive as it does given the right opportunities.

With this now being managed better I also needed to focus on the mind. If you have read my previous blog you will know that I was doing this by altering my mindset, thinking of myself and the way I worded things differently and using positive affirmations to bring about changes. I was feeling very positive very early in the process, just the fact that I was doing something and it felt so right.

Help with spirit was an incredible experience, another lady whom I cannot speak highly enough of, she was a light in the dark and I aspire to do for others what she did for me. Every week we would meet for healings, spiritual healings, and every week it would knock me flat before I felt better. The thing was that despite how difficult it was sometimes, every time I felt better it was at a new level to the week before. I was making progress. I was unlocking something that had been hidden away for way to long .... unlimited potential!

Now, team these things with meditation and the ever so important factor of being kind to yourself (something not enough people know the art of) and I believe for the first time ever I was on the right track to being well. If you are reading this and you are where I was, trust, believe and let me help. Reiki healing is amazing but is only going to give you the 'miracle' cure you would like when you team it up with these other factors. I do believe 100% though that everyone has that unlimited potential just waiting to happen, just not everybody has found the person to help them do it ... until now.

transformation, intuition and patience

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