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Balancing your energy

Change, grow and be the person you are meant to be

When you are looking to improve your circumstances it is important to take measure of your life, of all you do and all that is around you. Take some time to explore what is working and what is not working for you and for where you want to be. It is quite possible that you need to release not only emotional aspects of yourself but also physical aspects of your surroundings to be able to move forward. Repair all that is around you to align you to dreams you have and let go of what is holding you back.

I remember a time where I had a dream that I knew somehow, without any doubts, I was going to have to manifest. This was bigger than anything I had ever imagined. It was a dream of flourishing, and it was a matter of changing all that I was and knew to manifest what I wanted. It was assessing what was working in my life and what wasn't working, and there was some very big decisions to be made. Removing relationships that are no longer beneficial to you is not so easy to do, especially if you have known some of these people for what is considered a lifetime, but I knew that if I wanted to achieve my goal it was the only thing to be done. Then there was the physical level. I sold my house and most of what I owned. All the memories, the journey that is your life through material possessions. It was INCREDIBLY difficult to let some of this stuff go but in the end I felt so liberated. It was a feeling I did not expect, to be not be living in any moment but what is the here and now.

Be brave.

For change to happen you have to be brave, you have to know that beyond anything you believe in yourself and the dreams and plans you are creating for your future. Take the risk to face your fears, I have been there, looked my fears face on and am still here, sane! It is about growth, taking yourself out of the box and changing things up. Start simple, have something different for breakfast, order something other than your most favorite meal on the menu at a different restaurant than the one you always go to! Change old habits, create new more beneficial habits. Wake up in the morning and smile, for no reason just smile and tell the world good morning whether you feel like it or not! These things will start impacting you positively and you manifesting what you want, what you need, will be a happening thing.

The other important note to mention today is about preconditioning. I still pull myself up on this one. I find myself reacting to situations because in the past this or that happened and behaviors/responses were created from it. It is in no way relating or appropriate to what is happening now in this current situation, but still, I guess old habits die hard. I work on recognizing when this is happening and try to move out of those preconditioned behaviors/responses to free myself and be a better version of me. No one is perfect, we are fools if we think we are. Life is an ever changing journey and it is imperative that we release what no longer serves us on all levels to keep our energy in balance.

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