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Mind Body & Soul Detox

What an important step in becoming well! I remember being fearful, for want of a better word, of always remaining the same way. I doubted everything I did and was not very forgiving of myself at all. Being wounded (unwell) is like that though. You lose your clarity and your wholeness of being and the shadows so easily overcome your mind creating this constant questioning of yourself and your actions. It tricks you into believing what is not real and that anything you think is valid, is but a lie and that you are not lovable. I think you then self-sabotage in that feeling of lacking, possibly without even realizing sometimes! I was fortunate and found the strength to break the cycle, to find this as a reason for growth and to be a better version of myself. We all are flawed! I don't care who you are or what position you hold in this world, we all to some degree are not 100% perfect and have room for growth and self improvement. I guess on my personal journey my thoughts were the first thing I detoxified, letting go of the negativity. Learning to believe I am worthy of more, that my purpose here was yet to be discovered.

Next I implemented an eating plan through some recommendations I had received. I eliminated some considerable food groups from my day to day eating. This was difficult, at the time due to not feeling well but staying focused on the big picture was what kept me going. In all fairness I noticed some almost immediate results from eating cleanly. It was a lot of work to manage initially but really, what was more important than being well? For me, nothing! I cooked and prepared meals like I had never done before, the learning curve was pretty huge but well worth it. The biggest 'withdrawal' I had at the time was cutting out sugar. I craved sugar for up to 6 weeks, oh, what a relief when the withdrawals stopped! My taste buds adjusted and for all that I introduced and all that I eliminated I felt so very much better, continually, day after day! This had not happened in more years than I could remember!! It was very encouraging and made my goals so much easier to work toward. With feeling physically better and having a new mental clarity that I had not before experienced I was on top of the world, I was realizing my purpose and felt like I belonged here on the earth, that I had a place after all. This made me more determined than ever.

The next stage of detoxifying is the environment. Replacing the chemicals with natural products. The cleaners, the soaps, the medicines where possible, the personal care products. For me, a combination of reiki treatments and using natural alternatives worked a treat. Reiki is the most remarkable gift and heals the body and soul on all levels. I no longer needed pain killers and to this day still have not had even one synthetic pain killer, this is 16 months after implementing these strategies! I replaced everything I could, learnt to make my own personal products, use essential oils for stress and pain management and found a company that could provide me with organic and plant based household cleaners that work. It is amazing, step by step the improvement I noticed. I know this is still a work in progress and I am still learning but I do recognize and fully appreciate how far I have come.

Respecting myself, believing in myself and acting in good consciousness is where I am now. I believe completely that we all can improve ourselves and when the time comes you will know and you will take on the challenges of relearning to eat, clean, think and live without being traumatized by the significant changes to diet and lifestyle. You will act with surety and confidence and you will KNOW, just like I did at that time, that you are on the correct path for YOU.

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