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I tried to be normal once .. worst two minutes of my life!

Updated: Feb 6, 2020

Life is simple, its just not easy

What is normal anyway?!

You do not need to conform to what you THINK society wants or needs you to be. The authentic you is perfect. Here are some pointers for helping with that:

Invest in yourself.

Get Clarity

What do you need to get clarity on where you are at and what you want? If you are not sure try one of these

  • Meditation

  • Talk to family/friends

  • Walk on the beach, through nature

  • Get creative and just let go

  • Dance, sing, turn the music up loud

  • Exercise, for many this works a treat!

  • Find someplace you can just be in your own head, no interruptions

Regain Control

Does it feel like life is controlling you and not the other way around? Not Cool! Take the steps you need to bring everything back into order, even an organised chaos is better than just complete chaos. Work with what you have to make the best of your situation possible.

A Safe Place

Where is your 'safe' place? Do you have one? Do you have someone you can tell anything, confide in and just get it all off your chest when it all feels too much? This is important, no one can survive on their own, we need to share. When you internalise everything it builds up and up creating energetic blockages that lead to all sorts of mental and physical trauma.


Find flexibility in your weekly schedule to make important 'YOU' time. How is it when we constantly put ourselves out there for others we forget about the well being of ourselves until it hits us so hard, then recovery is difficult to say the least.

Holistic Healing

The ONLY way to truly heal

  1. Mind

  2. Body

  3. Soul

When you look after all three you are on a winner! Be kind in your thoughts, eat well and eliminate toxins from your home and last but by no means least, find YOU time. Meditate, walk in nature, do whatever it is your soul calls you to do that you love and just steals you away from reality for a while.

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