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Today I Have The Power To Change My Story

Growth Happens in the Valleys

I resonate daily with the title of this blog, how about you?

It is an odd thing really, and you have heard me say this before, but I have been where I am about to tell you about! Most of us will not change UNTIL there is no other option, until we feel there is no where else to go and that we are in such a bind that there is no choice except to find another way. Interestingly some of us live in the bottom of that pit of despair a lot longer than others of us before we decide to do something about it.

I am not 100% sure why that is ... I have wondered if when we do that it is because we feel we are not worthy of something better. I mean, life can be pretty brutal sometimes, lets be honest. Not only do we have to deal with our own thoughts and feelings, we deal with the thoughts and feelings and considerations of everyone around us as well as expectations we put on ourselves which in all fairness, most of the time are a lot tougher than anyone else in this world imposes upon us!

And breathe.

Yes, I have been there. I honestly thought more than once I had hit rock bottom but for a while there that pit seemed to be more of a slippery slide down than a gentle climb up. I wanted change, I knew I did, but wanting it and making it happen seemed light-years away from each other. Fortunately for me one day I faced one of my biggest fears. ASKING FOR HELP. It seems a ridiculous thing to be worried about but seriously, I was so scared of imposing on anyone that I just did all I could to not have to do that. Obviously to my detriment.

So asking for help ... it was like a hand reached down through all the pain, the anguish, the struggles and turning on a light bulb. I actually SAW that to change what I was doing was the only way out of that place. Now, don't go thinking that you have to change who you are, that is not what I am saying. The ultimate goal I believe for the personal self is to stop wearing the 'brave' mask, and the 'I am really good, thanks' mask, and the 'life has been great' mask. I am also not saying that you have to be a miserable git that complains and does not want to be assertive to help yourself. When we start with being HONEST with ourselves - and I am pretty sure most of you reading this tell yourself that you are fine and you are managing and all is ok (just to get by) BUT to be honest with yourself allows you to see the situation for how it really is and therefore look to the people we need to inspire and instigate the change that you want to happen. Does this make sense?

So now we are being honest with ourselves the big question is ... how do we learn change? What attitude or objective in life do we need to adopt to better deal with this?

Well, in life we need to learn to be fluent. Easy as that.

To flow around the obstacles in our path. Think about nature, you do not see the rivers trying to flow UP the mountains do you? So why do we think we can do the same. Mother Nature is wondrous in the way She works, we should be inspired to do as She does. Be fluent, adapt and moving pass the obstacle in question. Changing and adapting whilst being honest with that a tall ask? I think it is more than feasible to do this IF we open ourselves to the idea of being unlimited possibilities, especially with the right people by our side. And these people, they may not even realise what it is that you have gained from them and how hugely monumental that has helped you on your journey but the Universe granted that person to you at that moment when you were honest enough with yourself to be able to say ... this is what I need. Isn't that beautiful! I love how the Universe does that!!

Take what you will from this today but remember, it is only by staying true to ourselves that we can truly reach our full potential. No matter what stage you are at in life try look to err on the side of positivism, the side of honesty (no matter how much you do not like the honest answer about where you REALLY are right now) and the side of fluent change that promotes transformation of the most spectacular kind .... we sometimes don't see it in the here and now but just wait, look back and reflect down the road and you really will see how these small things can make BIG impacts in your life.

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