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Are You a Starseed Child?

Starseed Child

Are you or do you know a Starseed Child?

Starseed children are unique.

They are a gift from the heavens to human kind sent here selflessly from the Angels to bring healing and peace to all that is around them. They are volunteers that forego all they have to live in the confines of the human body and bring themselves to the incarnations of life to evolve. Their first lifetime they are considered a Starseed child and all incarnations thereafter they take with them this knowledge from the first lifetime to continue helping humanity.

To know one of these souls is a blessing, to raise one of these souls is a challenge and will leave you in constant awe as you recognise their generosity and kindness, their gentle strength and innate 'knowing' and understanding of what is going on around them.

As fearful children they need some extra love and care, their understanding still yet to develop to match the knowledge they have. Nurture, support and encourage these children. Work with them to come into their own. Use sources of divination to help them communicate what they are feeling, what they know. Tarot and Oracle are excellent simple sources of communication with the very young. Trust and believe in them to build their confidence and knowing their place in the world they have chosen to be in.

AGAIN … Starseed children are unique, they teach us about our self, they help us fearlessly believe in who we are with their understanding of what to most of us is unknown.


  • They ALWAYS complete what they start

  • They have a fantastic energy about them

  • They are honest, loyal and will always support

  • They are brave

  • They are gentle, loving and kind

  • They are very self-motivated

  • By nature they are very compassionate souls

  • They are highly intuitive and empathetic

  • They are fearful children, lacking the understanding to the knowledge they have

  • They are overly helpful

  • They will teach us all that is in their hearts and in their realms of knowledge


  • All Starseed Children have large BLUE eyes


If you are or you have a Starseed Child use TOURMALINE CRYSTAL to help protect from destructive emotions of other people, non-beneficial energies and negative imprints by always having on you.


I have a closed group for all Starseed, Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow children. If you believe/know that you fall into this category OR you are raising a child that does then please send me a private message to confirm this. This is a group to share knowledge, of complete acceptance and to help overcome the difficulties and clear the negative imprints that you may be experiencing in this journey of being YOU.

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