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What is a Crystal Child?

Crystal child

They are joy, they are love. They are a gift from the heavens to bring more laughter into the world.

These children remain mostly unaware of their gift until the age of 18 years old. Leading up to this can be a traumatic and taxing time for them with regards to mental anguish and 'luck' not appearing to be on their side. They are at this point learning compassion, resilience and open-heartedness. The lessons must be lived to be able to appreciate what they will have when the 'gift' is unlocked in them.

Coming through the change continues to be challenging with feelings often felt like confusion as they do not understand what is going on within themselves. This is a temporary state that leads to confidence and clarity in their own personal self. Some, out of confusion, will block their gift and this leaves them listless and wondering what is 'missing' as they go through life.

As these children open themselves to their gift more they find the universe is on their side. Positive energies that manifest good fortune, abundance and joy for them. Opportunities present where previously there were none and as a steam roller effect they become a shining example in society of joy, happiness, freedom of self and love. Others naturally radiate toward them as their kindness and generosity is openly given. They truly are a gift, healing humanity with the most basic of human needs ... companionship.

If you feel you or one of your children are a Crystal Child and would like to confirm this please book in for a free consultation on my services page or connect with me through my Airmeith Facebook page. I can help you to step into your gift and create the clarity and understanding you need.

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