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Do You Resonate with the Indigo Child?

Indigo Children

Indigo children are born 'knowing'. They have distinctive indigo colored eyes and a fiery temperament as a child. They see beyond the veil of the human world linking effortlessly to the spirit realm of good and evil. They by nature as adults grow into a sobering personality. Not as care-free as the Crystal children for what these souls know and understand is often far beyond what most experience.

Many Indigo Children will block their gift very young if not properly supported. Like the other children of the Universe though that latent ability is always there and often later in life something will spark this gift to awaken inside of them again.

When Indigo Children truly connect to the Divine their gifts for knowing, seeing and hearing are a magnificent tool to work within their true prupose. Because they come into their gift at birth they know no other life and hence the things they experience as a child will be so impactive and un-explainable to others leaving them feeling at times lost and alone in this world. They struggle to connect to others and their more serious demeanor will leave people not resonating in their space initially but on a complete contrary find something that pulls them back wanting to be in their space.

Their gift to humanity is in the knowledge they have, the innate sense of understanding how the Universe works and makes sense. They are crusaders and heroes of the Divine with many life trials constantly as they try to fit into a world that often is conflicting with what makes sense. They need security and to find solid psychic protection to prevent them absorbing and being attacked by negative entities. They serve humanity helping it unselfishly.

When open to their full gift they are the purest oracle channel in existence.

If you believe you are raising an Indigo Child or you yourself are one please contact me so I may help you understand, protect and grow into your place in the Divine light as you desire.

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