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Every Moment Matters

Archangels are the powerhouse of the Divine world.

They transcend time and space and all reality to everywhere at once for everyone. They strive to help and are with us for all we need and desire that is within our highest good.

Envision them with you, around you ... work with them. Allow them to work with you and discover how, when you enlist the help of the Archangels you not only raise your vibration but open and welcome yourself to previously unseen opportunities.

As with all Angels they cannot help you unless you ask for it. You are not being selfish or self-centered by asking for them to be with you, instead you are being open to Universal energies and vibrations starting to work in your favor. It’s like a massive web of intricacies out there that the Angels are striving in the background to bring all the pieces together for exactly the right moment.

Synchronicity is everything!

When you notice the signs from the Angels and use these to guide you then it shows that you are responding to the path they are laying before you. It puts out to them that you are participating in this life you want to improve.

Put yourself forth, ask for their help and commit to creating the destiny you want today!

feathers appear when angels are near

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