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Let's be honest..

Be in love with your life

How many of you realise the effect of not living honestly with yourself truly effects you? It has come to my attention more and more that as humans we have this big and generous soul that so often puts all others before us but does not give the same regard to our own self.

How is that fair?

Do you realise that by not being honest with yourself it can actually adversely affect you quite severely. It can make you physically ill which then leaves you floundering and wondering what is going on. This kind of ends up as a catch 22 situation where you continue to keep face and be there for everyone but for yourself as a coping mechanism you cover up and push aside what you are really feeling.

It is kind of thought provoking I think, to know that you are like everyone's guardian angel but you cannot see how you are not being honest with yourself and working within your own highest good. Finding that balance can be difficult but it is VERY important too. Amongst the busy lifestyle, the planning and the making sure all the I's are dotted and the T's are crossed, that you have sufficiently done what you need to do, smiled your way through, been the helpful soul to a level of perfection that is required in reality by only yourself ... then you stop. Tired, you still have the house and chores to do, they are not really that pressing but you know you are going to put even that before yourself and what you need. *SIGH* It is exhausting isn't it!!

I am going to ask, where on the honesty scale are you with your own personal self? Do you really even know? I tell you what, this week if you would like to know for sure exactly how honest you are being with yourself then email me back, or if you are on my FB page then comment and just ask. It is an interesting exercise for you to understand what you perceive to what your energies and soul knows. The ego is wonderful at covering up and sugar coating things!

So the theory is that once you understand you can move forward and amend the situation. This is extremely beneficial on a soul level and a physical health level as well. Once you reach that level of honesty with yourself you can then spend time reflecting on exactly what you need to place your efforts into. Is it self-expression? Perhaps it is with creativity or good fortune, maybe it is the home and the relationships closest to you. It could be on releasing ego so that you can continue to be honest with yourself on not just a conscious level but also an unconscious level. Have you stopped long enough lately to assess what is going on around you that is within your highest good? What your life values are and if you are actually in line with them?

A lot of questions I know BUT all very valid! Take a moment and think about it. If you have assessed your honesty levels with yourself and decided to put an end to being deceitful in that way with who should be number 1 then the rest just follows. When you have asked yourself these questions and answered TRUTHFULLY with yourself you will see. One door shuts, a whole lot more open. New opportunities waiting patiently for you to be ready to embrace them. Follow these, open yourself to the possibilities waiting to guide you to the place you want to be, need to be.

I imagine when you try to shift your mindset you may experience feelings of guilt, of worry. That underlying nagging feeling that you are being selfish by taking time that you need to be OK. It is important that you release this. How can you do this in a way that resonates with you? Here are some thoughts and ideas on that:

  • Hand these feelings over to your Angels, imagine in your minds eye that you are giving it to them and relinquishing all responsibility for those feelings. They will know what to do with them!

  • Write a note stating how you are going to relinquish all these feelings and pop them under some crystals or in a reiki box for the Universe to take care of.

  • Trace or draw a mandala, on the inside leaves write what you are going to focus on, on the outside of the mandala state all you are releasing

  • Meditate with the intent of releasing the destructive emotions and attitudes that do not benefit you

  • Centre yourself, ground yourself and balance your chakras. All these things will also help for you to find the balance you need. If anyone cannot yet do this for themselves and has not experienced the amazing feeling of your chakras all being aligned then please consider booking a session with me to do this.

I really hope this helps you to stop and consider a few things for the sake of your own good health. It is such a learning journey we are all on and you do not have to be here feeling like you are not as important as everyone else out there that you are looking out for. Being kind to yourself starts with a little bit of brutal honesty, take a step toward that today and if you need help, I am always here!

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