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I haven't felt alright for a really long time..

I am strong, but I am tired

Do you know when you started to not feel alright? At what point did you take that slow slide downward. What is it you now experience daily that has become the normal for you ... and are you even recognizing the effect this is having on you?

For most of us, our honesty levels with ourselves sits at about 5/10. That is pretty sad really, especially considering if we do not look after number 1 then it is extremely difficult to put ourselves forward to fully help others. How can we truly appreciate life if we are only living to 50%? This dishonesty that we create within our own thinking has such an extreme effect on our body. This week I challenge you to be brave and face the reality. This week I will offer you some help to reclaim all you possibly are with a 100% money back guarantee if you do not feel that it has been helpful in any way.

Let us look into this more; let us understand what is really going on behind the scenes that creates this dishonesty and lack of clarity in our own lives. I ask that for the next 5-10 minutes that you let go of all judgement of what you believe, know and think and just roll with this to perhaps open yourself to a much brighter future. Perhaps I can help release what it is that somewhere along the line has dulled and disappeared leaving you feeling lost and generally just floating through life.

I have a gift, I read, understand and recognize energies, I heal people. This is what I LOVE and this is what I am VERY passionate about. To see everyone become empowered in their own good health, this leading them to an inner confidence perhaps not experienced ever before. Imagine the ecstasy and elation of realizing you are basically being renewed. Your body healing on all levels, how this would bring such wonder and happiness for you. This leading you into so much compassion and encouragement for others in the same situation because you KNOW how they feel and you KNOW that with help they can step forward into the same wonderful, happy existence you now have.

Let us back track a little. Most of us will start seeing and taking on patterns and thoughts in our pre-teens, locking ourselves into the expectations that those around us have for us. For example, we will start living the life that our parents or peers want for us, perhaps it is your siblings or partners? Some of us even will live our lives based on that of what deceased loved ones wanted for us before we put what we want and need into the equation. We then add into that trauma through accidents, injury, possession. Perhaps it was a traumatic pregnancy and birth that bought you into this world. This trauma could have come from ridicule or the ex's family, karma, life lessons or even friends, siblings and partners. It could be trauma from the death of a loved one, memories that you cannot let go of, surgery, war or drug and alcohol abuse. It ultimately does not matter WHERE this trauma came from, what matters is that it is creating blocks to being well.

When you look at all that has gone on and weigh it up you have to admit, there is a lot of consideration that goes on in life trying to juggle our personal wants and needs with that of everyone else. It is not easy to just process and let it go. Our bodies create from the experiences we have, addictions, allergies, anger and fear. There is a belief system that comes about that impacts our body image, career, the foods we can digest and how we react to others reasonably or not. The attachments and toxic energies that are formed from not understanding all that goes on, this is what creates illness. Mental illness, physical illness on all levels. Can I help with these things? YES. Let me say it again ... I offer you a 100% money back guarantee if after working with me you do not feel like your life is getting back on track.

I challenge you to place your trust in the greater good for a moment, to imagine that there is another way that is not medical science but rather Divine help, working with the energies of the Universe to clear cellular memory, to cut psychic cords and release contracts, curses and hidden vows from past lives. Does this sound crazy? Maybe for some, maybe not so much for others. Seriously consider, what have you got to lose and what have you got to gain out of just taking a leap of faith. I can help release the reasons that your ego will not back down, that your emotions/feelings are on overdrive ... do you realise that most of us again (especially women!) work on a very unbalanced emotional level which accentuates everything. Imagine this not being the case, how clear you head would be to think and go forth in your day with clarity. I help release the reasons you self-punish, the reasons behind why you cannot or will not take responsibility for anything and why it is so difficult to simply forgive yourself or others around you.

Whats more is that through this we discover the fears, the phobias and clear and release these. Is there something that brings you to a complete standstill? That leaves you gripped with anxiety to the point where you avoid it at all costs? It is time to let it go. I can help with this!

Work with me and discover good health. Be encouraged after each session as you gleefully start to realise that your life is becoming whole again, that the wonder of living is returning. I encourage you all to consider ... to trust and to go out on a limb that perhaps there is something MORE that most people cannot see but that I have been humbled and blessed to be gifted with to help you all. I urge you now to book in for a free consult and see what is involved. Any illness, any problem, anything at all. I am open to working with you for all that is within your highest good, to see you reach your full potential in life.

Chronic Illness

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