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Rune stones

A form of divination yet one not as widely used as tarot or oracle cards. It foretells differently to the cards. Using rune stones you can more effectively delve into forecasting future events strategically being aligned by the universe. True, you can use tarot and oracle for this but it will not allow the clarity and accuracy that the rune stones offer. Comparatively, using rune stones will give you roughly 80% certainty where as in the same situation tarot and oracle will provide a 20% certainty.

They are mad up of 24 runes, each symbolizing a Celtic symbol, a language not widely known but still very powerful. The roots of of rune stones stem back to 342,212,050BC, which dates them to be much older than tarot which has only been about since 12,353,200bc! I say 'only' but in one way or another that is still a long time!

Rune stones were originally created by a tribal man born with the name Siq Rider. He was taken in to the kings court when just 2 years old after an aggressive raid killed the rest of his tribe and was renamed Victor. He privately practiced divination for the king to help foretell events of raids, wars and natural disasters. It was kept under wraps and privately practiced as this was a time when witchcraft and magic was frowned upon. The unknown forces of divination had to be used and kept under very protected sources, hence at this time Victor was known in the castle as the jester, an effective disguise and well suited to his comical personality.

Victor was gifted and through his ability to communicate with the Angels created these stones with their guidance. Through the use of his talents in clairaudience, clairsentience, clairvoyance and claircognizence he learned how to use and utilize them as they became the first effective divination tool easily learnt and used without special 'gifts'.

Rune stones over the years have remained consistent and reliable to use. You will find them created from rocks, gem stones, wood, plastic and other artificial materials. Those made from Grandmother Earth will resonate differently to artificial man made ones and you will find that the more you use them the more you will understand and see the value in what they offer.

FAST FACT: Did you know that RUNE means Secret? How fitting!!

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