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I am wondering how long the majority of us search for meaning in our life. For the most part we fall into a routine of what is conventional and follow a pre-laid path to a future that is generally the most expected of us. It is a curious thing though how this path that we follow is so often not the one that surrounds us with the people, with the support that we truly need and hence lends us to a downhill decline of dissatisfaction and quite often illness.

What is it that makes us so reluctant to follow our dreams? I think today's society is actually much more forgiving when it comes to stepping out of the 'normal' day to day routine. I wonder where we would be at this point in our lives if we had, from the very beginning, had the wisdom to surround ourselves with people that were like 'wise teachers' and friends who's thinking was akin to our own and hence create guidelines and rules that were most beneficial for us to achieve clarity, purpose, internal peace and happiness .... yes, from way back then! Not having to start over when we reach adulthood because we have blundered through from one mistake to another not listening to our inner guidance system at all and learning all our lessons the hard way.

When we finally get to that point in life though where we realise all that we have been through and learnt, after all of life's lessons through the trials, the pain and the heartache I do feel that we appreciate it SO much more. I am positively sure that there is something to be said for doing it the hard way! It is at this point we can make a logical and educated choice to improve and change who and what we are to move forward.

It is at this point we look to others to share with and help them to see just how valuable they are to the world. Like someone has just turned on the light bulb and you can clearly see all around you where everything fits and how that is going to then benefit yourself and others, this new authentic you that has arisen ... kind of like the phoenix from the ashes, recreating life to begin a new journey. Often we do not see the qualities in ourselves until we have that need to help somebody else, to be there at the right time with the right words ... this guides us in the correct direction by finding inner strength and confidence to grow and recognize the qualities and knowledge we have gained from what we have been through. This person that brings this out in us is absolutely a divine gift from the Universe to give us a nudge in the direction we need to go to reach our greatest potential.

Your time is here, if you are reading this and it is leaving you thinking and reflecting upon your own path, as mine has already, then stand up and take your place. Guide, make plans and be that somebody who is considered a mentor, friend and confidant. I know when I began my journey to wellness the people that played this role in my life were invaluable. It is when these people enter our lives ... or on the other hand, you enter someone else's life, that the beauty of being able to (what appears as magically) manifest and see the closure of one story and the beginning of the next story of our lives will happen. Everything falls into place and the culmination of life's lessons and knowledge that we have acquired has us prepared and ready for the successful (in whatever form that comes for you, be it good health, wealth, contentment, enlightenment etc) road ahead.

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