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Conquer from within

The Obstacle is the path

You know, sometimes it does not matter how intuitive you are, there are still doubts. It is that conflict that resounds between the logical mind and the knowing, the faith you have in the messages you hear and receive. It can be difficult when nothing logically adds up to what you know is going on and yet you do know, intuitively without a shadow of a doubt that the messages you are receiving are spot on and accurate. It is practicing to NOT second guess yourself, to move out of the doubt, and despite all that does not make any sense logically ... just letting it go to ride the wave of faith that has thus for not done you wrong.

I guess there is a part of this that can be really isolating, if you are the only one in the short term that can see and understand what you know. It is, in this place, time to bring forth your own personal self reliance to just ride what ever the circumstances are until all comes forward for the rest of the world to understand. In saying this they may not grasp the full depth of knowledge and understanding on the situation like you do but they will manage to adjust and trust that what you have seen, is in fact, the truth.

So, be still for the short term, keep learning and understanding for your own sanity more so than for everyone else's. The moment will come, but in the meantime create solid foundations of strength for this path you are on and have committed to and take the information and circumstances given to you and just 'be'. Nothing more or less. The time will come for you to step forward and intuitively you will know when this is.

Release negativity

The remarkable thing about being still is the clarity. When you stop and just reside with all that is going on around you there is suddenly so much more insight to gain. We can worry, get anxious, stress and keep pushing constantly but it does not help anyone, most of all our-self. All we do in these times is bring more doubt and lacking self-worth thoughts from others as they project their lack of understanding upon you. This is the conflict isn't it. Knowing and understanding and yet nobody else having that same perspective ... but stillness, time and space will bring forth what it is you want. Clarity, understanding and faith from everyone around you.

Ultimately our sense of who we are and what we are to the people around us comes down to the choices we make and when we make them. Intuition is incredible, use it as your compass to lead you. If you find yourself in circumstances and/or situations that are left of center and not what is openly 'acceptable' to the wider community then bide your time and listen to your intuition as to when and how to approach everyone and everything to maximize not only your own self-worth and sense of belonging but also to minimize the stress, anxiety and worry of second guessing due to all those around you not seeing what you do.

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