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Infinite Abundance

Channeled from Lord Ganesh

Abundance can be yours, do not doubt this. With the right mind set and releasing the underlying negativity you can proclaim to work with me in all my infinite wisdom to bring forth the lifestyle and joy in all things great and small. If you are willing to understand the universal influences and see past the veil of the materialistic world you will then begin to understand the bigger picture and how all the seemingly unimportant details of life are, in fact, huge. All that most overlook in their greed to have and want more. Take a step back and resonate in a space of pure simplicity, releasing all and attaching to nothing around you. Free your soul of what you think you desire and just imagine that happiness comes completely from within. When you are here, when you find this place ... this is where truth is. This is where abundance begins to form and this is the place where you need to start expanding out from to emanate these energies out into the world, rippling through the universe gaining momentum for all of the Divine forces to see, hear and feel and in turn bringing back to you what it is with your innermost desires. Answered and bought about not perhaps as you imagine but still, as we work behind the scenes to answer your call it is being woven, all the intricacies of timing and life to bring about this abundance for you.

Call on me and work with me and I will assist you in this, show you the way. I will open your eyes to what true beauty looks like and feels like as we co create a future so remarkable for you.


About Lord Ganesh

Lord Ganesh, also known as Ganapataye, is the Hindu elephant-headed god. The son of Lord Shiva and the goddess Parvati, legend says he received his elephant head as a replacement after his father sliced his human one off when he mistook him for an intruder. Ganesh is acknowledged as the lord who removes obstacles. Ganesh is a sweet-toothed, life-loving, joyful, dancing and very approachable god. He will use his light to weave a perfect path for you.

-Kyle Gray

Lord Ganesh

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