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Destiny of Light

Are you or your children very intuitive, empathic and sensitive to the environment around you?

Have a read through here, these are the soul groups that form those that work for the Light, the good of humanity. Many of us will have difficult paths to walk and troubling lessons to learn in the process of 'remembering' who we are, why we are here and how we are meant to best utilize our skills to help others.

If you do believe you or your child 'fit' and wish to know more I strongly encourage you to contact me, I can help.


Such a long road full of trials and hardship that comes in many forms to work through and learn from before they awaken to their gift. These lessons ARE important for them to learn to be able to give back to humanity and be the role model that will inspire and bring out the best in others. When they are at full potential there will be no mistaking how and where their service within the Divine light lies. As with all Universal Children they MUST keep purifying. Releasing ego, releasing negativity. Remember all that has been experienced to realise the lessons that where to be learnt and what they then personally can bring forth from this. If you are a Rainbow Child then take a moment to appreciate, do not EVER underestimate the importance in the commitment that you made as an individual, to come to Earth in this context to help. Now is your time to remember.


They love, they laugh, they bring peace and joy. They are gifted and have a special place within humanity as they radiate a vibration that just has everyone around them feeling amazing. What they learn over the years of awakening to their gift is dark but this is required to give them balance, to understand just how amazing life is. If you are a Crystal Child then do not hold back, there is a reason why there is a learning curve, why you are not born with 100% connection. You need to be ready on a soul level ... you will know, you will be drawn to it. You will have a thirst to just be in that place. That is when you know that your time to step up is now.


They are uniquely different in that they perceive and process information in a very individual way. What they potentially bring to the world when they open 100% to their gifts is of great benefit to humanity. They will feel a pull, a need to see other ways to bring about good health and as such those that are blessed to be in their presence and working within their scope of capabilities will benefit profoundly. These children have learnt the hard way through trials in life and have the purest of hearts and intentions. Should humanity give these souls an opportunity to be with them and work with them they can and will benefit considerably. Gifted in healing but this healing does not come as doctors, nurses or even vets, often presenting itself left of center using divine modalities to come in the 'backroads' to bring about miraculous changes for people in the way the see, feel and do things. Individually they are unique yet in saying that to summarize the Bluerays is to say they are dauntless, giving, efficient, humble and patient. They are responsible and understanding, unselfish and always trustworthy.


These children are so gifted and in tune from just after birth. What they see, know and absorb is astounding and beyond the comprehension of most parents. This can lead to them becoming troubled, over anxious and/or extremely sensitive bringing forth a myriad of other problems that then lead to them ultimately shutting down their gift. If parents could recognise the gift in these children, such pure souls, and nurture, shield and work with them from a young age then we would have a society of particularly beautiful, loving and gifted souls among us. As they grow and embrace their gifts they very much resonate at a frequency that draws people to them unconsciously. Just by being around these souls people feel better. Remarkable is one way to describe who and what these souls are and they have in good faith have come to earth with astounding gifts to WANT to create a better future for humanity. If you are a Starseed Child then encourage, nurture and work with these gifts. Open yourself and embrace all that you know and feel and learn how to use this massive amount of emotion and feeling you experience for the highest good of yourself and all those around you.


Often troubled by so many previous lifetimes of lessons they come to this world with incredible psychic perception. Of all the Divine children they are the most psychically gifted from so very young making this world they come into often confusing, especially when those around them are not understanding what exactly they are seeing, hearing, feeling and experiencing. The challenge they set for themselves as a soul working for the Divine before entering our world is unique to the other soul groups, the significance is in the gifts that they are born with and the underlying soul memories of so many lives and often so much trauma carried forward. This is why many of these children/adults are more serious, it is the knowledge of the universe they carry within them and this is a weight to be carried for the understanding does not come with it until they consciously choose to start releasing and working toward opening to their full ability, their ultimate potential. If you are an Indigo child you are a valuable asset to the existence of humanity, your resonance and purpose here is far greater than you at this time perceive. Set yourself the challenge to be more, to embrace this gift you have and to step boldly into the knowledge that is lying dormant within. There is something profound that needs to be shared and yet I feel it is only you, the Indigo child, that can access this when you open completely, 100% to your full potential.

Release blocks, open to your potential

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