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So I am sitting here in quiet reflection ... I am at the coffee shop. I find detaching myself from home, from the environment where I feel I am pressured (in my own head!) to constantly be moving and achieving something, can be beneficial. I know there is noise and hussle and bustle about but in all fairness it is almost a comforting background distraction. Just being out, the music playing. What do I see, what do I notice as I sit here, if I look up and reflect on the activity around me ... the baristas busy talking, taking orders and making conversation, the young mums enjoying each other's company as their children sleep in the pram or fiddle with whatever toy they bought with them today. I see another couple laughing and engrossed so much in each other that my heart warms and then there are those people that are just waiting there for their beverage to be made.

It isn't busy here today but I kinda like it like that as I switch off and let it all just be there in the background as I focus here on writing while sipping my coconut milk latte. Happy days ....

So how many of you reading this, I wonder, take this time for yourself. Are you in a situation where you can make it happen and do? Or maybe don't just because you do not feel that it is your thing. What is your thing? That is the question really isn't it, finding that place where you can just mellow without the outside pressures for a little while to let your mind relax into a place where you can let go.

I do believe that it is very underutilized this concept of 'letting go', that many do not for fear of not getting enough done, of thinking they 'should' be here or 'should' be there or 'should' see this family or those friends. It is all good to think about these but what about the balance of what you 'want' in all that? Should is one of those words that I relate to with some very negative connotations, it comes with much personal pressure that is unnecessary. How can you turn that 'should' around though when you feel that you really do need to do all these things? And when your whole life is about 'I should' how much personal satisfaction is there in that for you?

I remember living my life in this context, I admit at the time I was in a much more negative and destructive place than where I am now. I worked hard to change not just the speech patterns but thought patterns to help me move forward into a better place and find where I can fit what I need into my day and achieve without the pressures building to constantly feel like I am only doing it out of obligation. This is important! Everything links together and the importance of finding that balance in your life with everything that goes on around you is imperative for your own journey. The last thing any of us want is to feel like a constant slave to life and the circumstances around us.

So ok, what if all this makes sense but you actually do have such difficult extenuating circumstances that it seems completely ludicrous to be able to live life any other way. What then? How can someone work with that? Well, to be honest, this is when you need to look for external help. The brain and our emotions are a funny thing really. Often what we perceive and how we perceive it can be molded and shaped by the underlying negativity that presses on our soul. That which you cannot see. Have you ever noticed how when you wake after a good day everything feels easier, all the challenges and trials do not seem nearly as imposing on us as when our mood is dark. Those days it does not matter how hard you try or work at it nothing will come together for you.



So this leads on to the thought, what do you realise you are carrying around and what are you not aware of? What if I could help you recognise this and release it? It is not such madness to think that those blocks and pressures can be lifted and cleared, to allow your body to heal from past soul experiences. The weight that is lifted, the trauma and past experiences that have imprinted on your soul that continue to drag you down and make life difficult for you. It is almost just like having some sense that there are invisible barriers and blocks that are in your way ... that is what I can sense, I can see that frees you to live your life unencombered. I am a huge believer in freeing the soul of restraints to release physical, mental and emotional pain and trauma. It has seriously got to be such an underated process that I truly wish everyone was open to experience. Until you do you do not fully comprehend the value in this.

If you are interested in knowing more, and it may be for yourself or perhaps a child that seems unusually unsettled or angry, think past the 'logical' and dig deeper. Send me a message to find out more, you have so much to gain for such a minimal cost. I would really like to challenge you all to want to be better and to face those blocks to move into a reality that works for you, into a reality where life is one of balance and connection to your true self and to the relationships around you.

Stay amazing everyone, open yourself to the unlimited possibilities of thinking outside the square and watch how everything really is going to be ok with the right help xx

Release negativity

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