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The Universe is with you.

Wear a cloak of protection and love.

Dear ones,

We are in a time of great energy shifts and as much as some of you are aware of this many of you do not realise and understand the impact this energy is having upon you. In this time of upheaval you are going to find that there is all sorts going on, for some of you there will begin an awakening to your Divine self whilst for others who are already aware of who they are within the light you will experience much coming forward in the way of emotional trauma to be released, discontentment and a drive to move forward and really embrace your path, your destiny. Others still may find that there is such a fluctuation of emotions around them, within their children and themselves that they do not know if they are coming or going.

So how can you effectively work with these energies to help yourself in the present situation? You must shield. Protect yourself on a psychic level. Imagine wearing my cloak of protection and love and feel the stability and strength this brings as you go through your day. This mental protection of ones self is very under utilized and people must start to take a stand to help themselves through this. I am here with the angels to assist in this whenever anyone asks. I urge you to call on me to help you with this. You will feel the difference and you will understand soon enough the importance of making this a daily practice for you and for your children.

About El Morya

El Morya is a spiritual name that was given to protect the identity of Ranbir Singh, a spiritually aware man born into a powerful family that ruled Kashmir (a region in the Indian subcontinent) in the 19th century. It is said that he interceded both spiritually and physically to stop the British invasion of the region in 1845. This wise soul is now able to help us remove any energy from our life that is not serving our connection to God. He is a wonderful guide to call on if we are unsure if something is real or not. He helps awaken our I AM presence, which is our truest connection to our soul and to the universe itself.

Psychic protection

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