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Positive Energy Influx!


Help is on it's way for humanity, good energy is coming that will bring forth new and exciting changes upon the earth. It is of little regard if you truly believe or not as all will feel the benefits of this energy. We know many of you doubt with the times of adversity and strife about but do not let this dampen what the truth is and the enormity of what is before us. We truly are on the cusp of such monumental waking and expansion that the good will outweigh the negative and as much as that may never be completely eliminated you will see the overriding goodness and generosity in peoples souls as they ban together after these events to bring about resolve and healing to the situation. We are here working along side you all diligently bringing forth the future that humanity is destined to become, where the energies are so monumental that the Light Workers across the world will continue to wake and as such this momentum of awareness and healing for humanity is going to continue.

Watch for the children being born at this time as some come forward with incredible knowing and gifts. These children will need to be nurtured and shown the way from young to encourage their gifts to grow and become strong allowing them to take their place where they are most needed in their role for healing this Earth. These children may often present themselves as over sensitive, troubled or deeply connected to things that are beyond your realm of understanding. Find the help you need to help them on this journey, find the mentors and people around you to resonate with to truly understand who they are. They have more needs, don't pass them off as troubled children that are too difficult but rather ask WHY and HOW can I help this exceptional child. See these children with the right guidance and influences around them start to prosper and grow into very different people to that which you may have initially thought.

The energies are with us and the Divine realm is seeing and feeling an excitement that has not been around for an extraordinarily long time. Strive to be better, the best you possibly can be and as you all do this the vibration and existence of hope, healing and courage to be your own authentic self and from here shine the brilliance that you are here, existing for, on the world. Watch, participate and bring forth the miracles that we are on the cusp of creating. Take time to have faith and trust in the greater good. Believe in the light, believe and take action with a fire in your soul to all ban together and make this world a better place.

Angel message

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