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Practicing Compassion..

How to often we react in haste to a situation that is not favorable. Perhaps someone has responded or acted not how you would think is most appropriate and then this leads to arguments and disagreements. Well, that is what would happen with another adult but what about a child? They often put us in these situations that leave us wondering just what the heck is going on and feeling the need then to punish appropriately in response. Do you ever look back on these situations and realise that there was more to the story than you initially thought? That later the bigger picture comes to light and then, looking back on your actions you feel that you were hasty to respond that way. Wouldn't it be nice if in these moments we could instantly see all the facts, then work with not only reactive options but also those that led the other person to the point they are where they have gone ahead and spoken to you or acted with you in that context.

Think about it, it actually makes a lot of sense. When you have had a bad day, nothing is falling into place like you were 'planning' and then someone walks in with a certain point of view or makes a comment that should be heard one way but because of the day you have had is completely turned around and heard a different way, totally out of context. How is it you respond?

Possibly not well ....

Have you ever thought about what compassion actually is? The dictionary states: sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others. But what if it is more than that? What if we look past the technicalities of correctness for one moment and think about what it means to us on a soul level. To be able to feel and practice this not only with others but also with yourself ... to recognize the spirit within each and every person, young or old and to see that we are all the same, essentially from the same source. So when we pause before reacting it is like we are actually just giving ourselves that split second that we can register where we are at, where the other person is at, weigh it all up and then respond more appropriately. We need to consider everything, to look beyond the presented behaviors to see and understand what is actually going on. It is just a fact that many of us will be guarded and act or respond differently depending on what is going on around us. That is natural. The challenges of life and dealing with people and situations that push us outside of our comfort zone does that. Even in our own head, thinking people will not understand you for who you are or work with the honesty you would like to provide. But why? Why can they not see and recognize that part of you? What is blocking it and why are you then possibly thinking that it is ok in return to judge and react how they would not consider ok. It is a bit of a vicious circle really.

If we all took a moment to move beyond each others behaviors, mistakes and challenges what do you think would happen? Do you think there would be a deeper friendship and care that results? Do you think that if we could do that that we would recognize that as often as someone does respond in a certain way it is often fueled by their underlying concern and good intentions for who we are and what we are doing? This is easy to imagine with our children as we respond at times abruptly knowing that we are doing this because we want the best for them. Do they see that? Understand that concept when they are very young? I don't always think so. Perhaps there is a better way, a more appropriate way to see and understand. We do not give ourselves the credit to honestly work in this way with people and generally fall back on judgement instead. I challenge you this week to step into this field of truth where your look at all the possibilities as to what might be going on, and I mean going on within you and with others around you and then, ONLY THEN, respond. See how opening yourself to all the truth and recognizing that what is being said or done by you or to you is through good intent for the best outcome ... but the delivery is faulty. Work on that and see how doing so will elevate your spirit and connection to all those around you to bring forth a much more honest and harmonious environment.

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