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Collecting Moments, Not Things ..

Less stuff, more happiness

How often do you instigate change and on what level? Do you feel like a change and move your furniture around, or perhaps when you feel like change you book a holiday and go away for a break. Change is important, on many different levels. Getting outside of your own head space and the rut that is created from that. Recognizing the need for this is also important!

This morning I woke and decided that change was imminent and on short notice obviously a holiday was not going to come about today, this left me with the house. The mojo in the house has been feeling off for a while. There have been some people come and go and everything pretty much just moved from one place to another. Lots of tidy piles everywhere with no real organisation. Well, today was my day for tackling this. Strangely I did not see this as a chore at all, it just felt right that today was the day for clearing out and cleaning up.

Some time later I looked at the clock ... four and a half hours had passed! MATE! Where did that time go? Crazy but true. Funny thing is, our house is quite small with not so much in it that I did actually manage to tackle every room. Furniture has been moved, freshened up the energy flow, properly cleaned up all those tidy piles and the result is a home that is feeling much better. I think all that extra 'stuff' actually creates a mental block. Its like it is always sitting there looking at you going .... clean me, put me away ... lol. That is what it is telling me in my head anyway! Now though when I walk around and see how much more open and clean everything looks for organizing it properly it feels great! I feel like I can think again.

When I think about it this has been something I have wanted to do for some time. The state of your living environment very much impacts on your mental well being, it can create a lot of negativity that not only presents itself in behaviors but also in the way you talk to yourself and to others. It can create a downward spiral that is then difficult to pull yourself out of. We all have flaws and doubts, no one is without that but how you deal with it and where you allow it to lead you is another thing. Decluttering is a valuable exercise, this is something that should be looked at and done for your physical AND mental environment. Preferably regularly but whatever you can keep up with is good as well. The decluttering opens you to the opportunity to see and feel more openly. Why do we hold on to so much? What is the purpose of it? I am sure that many of the piles around your house (like mine where) are simply there because you actually do not know what to do with it! My bin has had a good workout today, and the shredder too!

Now that all the work is done and everything is clean and organised it frees my mind. Don't you feel that too when you have really dug deep and cleared out? It is like your intuition and thoughts are clear, you feel content, at peace and able to focus on what you really want to do. It is remarkable. Where as before I was restless and couldn't sit to do anything, now, well now I feel happy to just be. You know the saying ... we are not human doings, we are human beings, so just be :)

That is me now, slowly coming back to life and embracing the beauty rather than being weighted down by the details of days past that I hadn't cleared out. I can feel ideas and creativity starting to swirl about. I can hear my own thoughts moving past the very basic of what 'has' to be done. I love resonating in that place of inspiration and love, creativity and joy. Sometimes it can be hard to find, life is a lot to work with but if we tend the basics, we work through what is hanging about but often not 'seen' and/or constantly pushed aside then we move into a place of higher resonance that puts us so much more in touch with that spark that is inside of us just waiting to be nurtured into something so much more!

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