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Chakras Unveiled - Part 5

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

Today we will address exactly what chakras are made of. I mean, there is all this talk about chakras but what exactly are they and where does this energy come from that we are told to unblock and balance constantly! Today I will help to enlighten you with this information.

Where are Parts 1, 2, 3 & 4?

If you have missed the previous posts I have put up then please follow these links below to review them:

What energies combine to create our chakras?

  • Atoms

  • Cosmos Energy

  • Galactic Energy

  • Hiss

  • Light Energy

  • Light Matter

  • Magnetopause

  • Nebula Energy

  • Plasmasphere

  • Universe Energy

  • Earth Planetary Energy

  • The planetary energy of which you may originate from if you are a Universal Child

What are the blocks within the Chakras?

So when we are clearing our chakras what exactly are we clearing? Surely you must wonder right? Well below is a list of some of what blocks them, making them sluggish. When you work in meditation to clear and release the blocks it is actually much more effective to set a clear intention of WHAT you want cleared. By connecting to spirit prior to your meditation and intuitively listening and understanding what it is that is most significantly needing to be released at this time you will find that the session will be vastly more successful.

You must realise also, just because you have cleared it once does not mean you do not have to do it again. Your soul has existed many times over and the memories and experiences are stored within this energy. Keep releasing, keep working with it and over time watch how your connection to your intuitive self, to Spirit, strengthens.

  • Beliefs

  • Ego

  • Emotions

  • Karmic Debt

  • Mirror Images

  • Psychic Cords

  • Psychic Debts

  • Soul Fragments

  • Suppressed Emotions

  • Thought Forms

  • Trauma

If you have any further questions or thoughts I do encourage you to share them with me. Knowledge and understanding will take you a long way on this journey. It is like finding little pieces of the puzzle to ultimately see the big picture.

Will we ever see that complete picture? Who knows, but for now if we continue to work together to grow and bring forth the information we are shown we will build it a whole lot faster than doing it on our own!

I would also like to offer to those interested, a low cost service - ONLY £15 - I provide to completely unblock and balance your chakra and energy system, raising your vibration and leaving you feeling good. I highly recommend if you have never experienced this that you should give it a go! Click on the picture below or any of the links throughout the blog to access this opportunity.

Stay amazing beautiful people xx

how to balance chakras

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