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Manifest Miracles into Your Life

At this time many have forgotten the gift of seeing what truly is. Society is resonating in a place of victim mentality and a righteousness of expectation that is veiled by lack of truth for reality and honesty within ones self. It is a society that has become dependent on superficial expectations rather than understanding the joy that lies within and with the small gestures, a look, a touch, an expression of good will and most importantly the giving and receiving of ones true self. Now is time for me to explain, to help you understand and remind you of who and what is important.

Simply put, YOU.

Find you and you are showing the world abundance. When you step beyond the face you show the world in a thought that this is what everyone wants to see you become real. It is here when you become real that conflict can arise initially as you step into a new level of acceptance changing what has always been known, as you stop pretending you radiate the truth and in this truth there is no wrong. This is the unique and beautiful you that is meant to be. No ifs, buts or maybe's here - this is who you are meant to be, your soul before the beginning of time was this, before lifetimes shaped you into a person who believed to be accepted they had to wear a mask. Now is the time for embracing this uniqueness, to open to your self expression as you step along this path into a new plane of existence.

Now in this new existence as authentic you, where you wear no mask for others and you are true to yourself, honest in how you feel, good or bad, you find an interesting change come about. A confidence and clarity in how you see the world and in turn the world sees you in a new light too, it sees it or rather feels it within your energetic vibration that you emit out to the Universe. This vibration is like music that uplifts and resonates in a place where others not authentic and true can go. This vibration is like a magical violin that not only emits out what it is you are feeling and expressing but starts to then weave what can only be described as a magical web of reality to bring forth wonders that have not been previously seen or imagined by you.


This web of magic starts to reflect your thoughts and ideas, your truth is your poser to bring forth a reality that has been hidden from you. Your commitment to being true to yourself is a show to Spirit and all the Divine that you are ready to embrace and accept the destiny of brilliance that has been waiting for you, for this moment of you realizing that there is no need to hide and your 'coming out' is a gift not just for your soul but for all those around you as they suddenly see and benefit from the person you are. For some, this truth may not be something that you have shown many before but it is important and I am here to encourage you today to do what it takes to find that balance in mind, body and soul to be this person. Find the strength from within and see how this gives you focus, clarity, understanding and an appreciation that you have not before realised. See how being in this place brings forth an ability to manifest a magic in the world that returns to you not just what you desire but what you need to propel you into a place of abundance. I am not just talking about physical abundance but rather abundance in all areas of your life, in relationships, love, work .. it allows you to see with wonder and awe the world and to appreciate all that comes your way.

Be truth, speak truth, resonate truth.

This is the only way, this is where your power lies, it is within all of you, for many dormant ... awaken this truth within and find your way to release the blocks and veils to open yourself to an abundant reality that is solely saved for you.

I am Isis, I am goddess of bringing dreams into reality. Call on me, work with me. This is the only way forward.

Open Psychic potential

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