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A Message of Love

Embody love

We often find ourselves in times of discontent, like there is no way out and every situation we turn to will leave somebody out, will create upset and disturbance where in fact that is not your purpose. It feels like there is a hand around your heart squeezing it so tight that you cannot reflect and see clearly what way to turn, or where to go. How do you find what is right for you while considering the needs of all others? Do you write a list of pro's and con's? Do you take a wild guess? Do you not make a choice and just explode with the stress that it creates (or implode if that is more your style!).

Today we consider all this and how we move through this situation to find our own truth to lead us to where we need to be. Ultimately you know what it is you want to do, deep within if you took away all the other factors pressing in around you it would be as clear as the nose on your face. You would see that without the pressures of 'I am going to upset this person if I do this' or'that does not seem fair on that person if I did it that way' that you ultimately find joy and peace in your own space and in coming to a decision that is right for you. It is only when that decision is made with your own will that you are truly at peace with what you decide.

To say this and understand it is one thing though, but to actively go forth to make it happen is another entirely. These situations are difficult to say the least so finding peace through the decision can be a very tumultuous time leading up to that. It does give us true appreciation when we get there though. This that we go through and deal with is akin to sacrificial love, the leaving behind of something in order to get the outcome, love and peace we desire within. It is important to remember that the inner state of being content, confident and happy with who we are is difficult to obtain in a world which is ruled by greed, selfishness and material wealth. It would seem to me that people either resonate there in that space or are almost complete opposite and are overly helpful, walked all over and manipulated. To truly move forward from this state you must find self-love, forgive yourself, forgive others ... and this does not mean by making excuses for all those around you to justify their behaviour, it means to recognise who you are, who they are and then process that and accept. You must stop being manipulated by all the events around you to find what your story is, to find who you are in this life in this place at this moment. When you find this place you have begun to shift your consciousness, you are shifting into a space of healing and miraculous change and through this process you begin to evolve and find the clarity you need to make these decisions that are correct for you.

Honest reality, that is where you find the truth. To help you eliminate and release all that does not serve you, to help find the strength within and to overcome the challenges and dramas that are unfolding before you. I suggest strongly that you work with your Angelic team. Ask them for help to see you through and find the truth that is correct for you, to find a way to stop being over sensitive to everyone's needs and prevent that feeling of being overwhelmed that controls you and the decisions you make as a result of that. Bask in their light to release the blocks, the doubt and then, as you find your internal strength and guidance system break through they will still be there to assist in any way you choose to ask from them. This is where miracles begin, with the possibility of more. For some that miracle may be the ability to stand up and speak their own truth to those they love. For others it may be the unfolding of events in a manner that is so perfect and true to who they are that it is almost a seemingly impossible turn about. Trust and have faith that when you ask for help it will come, that even when you do not believe it is being heard that it is, it may just be that instrumenting the turn of events and synchronicity to work in your favor is more complicated than you believe.

So is it reasonable then to expect miracles? I think it is more than a possibility to do so, when you find the right space where you align so magnificently with the Universal energies around you with truth, with love, with every aspect of your truest self then naturally amazing things are going to come your way. You can expect the unexpected, more effectively disregard and let go of thoughts, trauma, feelings and memories that do not serve you well and allow healing to replace these negative spaces within you. You resonate from your heart center and as such that pure love and brilliance of your soul radiates out into the world ... this, my friends, is the point where miracles truly begin to happen.

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