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Trust Your Intuition

Archangel Gabriel

Dear ones,

It can be difficult to find your way and keep your focus, to stay true to your own path in this world of much activity and over zealous ideals. I am here to encourage you to stay strong and to help show you the path to the road that will make this more possible for you.

I encourage you my friends to call on me to help you recognize your own truth and in doing so lead a lifestyle that brings you inline to be purely Divine in all you do and seek. You are so close as you have already walked this path so far, so close to recognizing and understanding the bigger picture of who you are and your purpose here. To seeing that your individuality is what is needed and to fully embrace that quality within you, it is time to self nurture. It is time to look to how you can lift your vibration to bring you in line with your true purpose, to show you the way to confidence and self-assurance that will take you assertively forward.

It is important for you to stand your ground for what you have thus far created and then to push forward from this. Open yourself to all possibilities, explode the mind with the desire to experience all. This is completely possible if you just embrace your inner truth and stay determined on this path. Cleanse your environment of toxicity; this involves removing chemicals within your household, buying organic, letting go of people that cause constant disharmony around you and clean eating. Watch how these actions alone bring forth a new state of well being which then radiates through not only your physical self but your emotional self and starts to bring you in line with your highest good. Suddenly you see the path before you opening up clearly, the obstacles melting away. Your mind is now thinking so clearly as you are on this upward spiral with the support, guidance and love of myself to help you continually into the success that is coming your way.

My message here for you is sent with love and adoration, don't give up, be true to yourself because even when you do not see it WE, the Archangels, do and that is when we can step in to lift and guide you to that place where you can clearly be the person you were born into this world to be, with all the passion and desire to welcome all that lies before you.

This is Gabriel, love to you all.

Clear negative Imprints
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